What is the correct spelling for VAVIOUS?

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Correct spellings for VAVIOUS

  • davis Continuing, we entered Davis Straits, where we encountered headwinds that piled up the water in great waves.
  • devious And that's true; I want no other woman except Helen, and her I can't have, for devious reasons; my name is just anonymous to the world.
  • mavis "Mind how you come down," said Mavis .
  • vacuous Thus they waited until the minutes should elapse, and Turner, with a smile of simple pleasure at their ready acquiescence in his suggestion, probably reflected behind his vacuous face that silence rarely implies indecision.
  • valois 158 Valois , Charles of, ii.
  • various Every moment she asked Stas the names of various trees and birds and he answered as well as he could.
  • venous Except where the large lymphatics empty into the venous blood, there is no opening into the course of the blood.
  • vicious Reaching a decision they went through the gate in single file, carrying long vicious weapons with them.
  • vinous The old man got up with confused, vinous alacrity and started toward the hydrant.
  • virus He was not, it appeared, wholly immune from the old virus .
  • vitus But it seems that St. Vitus is the patron saint of all dances; so that I was not so far wrong in making him the protector of the cyclometers.
  • vivacious The little black king-crows are at all seasons noisy and vivacious : from the end of February until the rains have set in they are positively uproarious.
  • Avis It was not yet a full year since Miss Avis had gone.
  • Navies The fears for Washington in the Civil War, and for our chief seaports in the war with Spain, alike illustrate the injurious effects of insufficient home defence upon movements of the armies in the field, or of the navies in campaign.
  • vapors The temperature, however, fell rapidly with the setting sun, and the wind was just strong enough to sweep off the heated vapors .
  • vapours But in front of them, overhead, the wind was still at work, and there were threads of keen blue now appearing over the twisting vapours .
  • Davies Compiled by H. W. Davies .
  • waives He is answering the "very foolish objection" that to vote by functions is to be voting very often: "If a man is not interested enough to vote, and cannot be aroused to interest enough to make him vote, on, say, a dozen distinct subjects, he waives his right to vote and the result is no less democratic than if he voted blindly and without interest."
  • favors The animal should also go out during the day, as want of exercise favors the continuance of this form of indigestion.
  • saviors A series of all-out atomic wars is just what that sector needs, to bring their population down to their world's carrying capacity; in a century or so, the inventors of the atomic bomb will be hailed as the saviors of their species.
  • waivers He was wise to the talk about asking waivers on him.
  • waves Has not the phonograph proven that it receives mechanically, through the waves of sound, spoken words, which it records and repeats?
  • varies Tall in stature, wiry and elastic in his muscles, the Kaffre varies in colour, through all the shades of black and brown; being, in some portions of his area nearly as dark as the Negro, in others simply brown like the Arab.
  • waifs And she, this little being, one among the waifs of a big city, had looked for him, had a right to look for him.
  • wavers But he wavers in his superstition, just as he wavers in his conception of the Divine government of the world.
  • savors That the taste which Aldus so successfully hit was no merely temporary one, any person will be convinced if he will stand before a shelf full of these little Aldus classics, handle the light, well-proportioned volumes, and take in the esthetic charm of their type and page and form, which, in spite of their four hundred years, by no means savors of antiquity.
  • VIVAS Now through the dense shade we broke into a blaze of light, where a great buffet stood; and round this we all swarmed at once, and glasses were filled with champagne, and vivas shouted again and again, and I heard that my health was toasted, and a very sweet voice-the lips were on my ear-whispered I know not what, but it sounded very like wishing me joy and love, while others were deafening me about long life and happiness.
  • savoys Savoys and greens in general are dressed in the same way.
  • avows Price now candidly avows , that he hesitated some time before he invested seven hundred dollars in William W. Brown; for William was a noted runaway!
  • viols "Take away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols .
  • departings
  • dis-countenanced
  • dis-countenances
  • fourflushers
  • intertangles
  • un-attempted
  • un-restrainedly
  • up-rights
  • head-turner

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