What is the correct spelling for VB?

If you have come across the misspelling "vb" and are wondering what it might mean, there are a few correct suggestions. Firstly, it could be an abbreviation for "Visual Basic", a programming language. Secondarily, "vb" might be a typo for "vs" representing "versus". Always double-check the appropriate context to decipher the accurate interpretation.

Correct spellings for VB

  • ab
  • B I am going to fill in the blank with the letter "B".
  • bb
  • CB CB radios were very popular among truck drivers in the 1970s.
  • db Updating the DB is part of my daily routine as a database administrator.
  • gb The storage capacity of my phone is 128 GB.
  • kb The file size limit for attachments is 25 kb.
  • lb
  • mb
  • ob
  • pb "I added some PB to my sandwich for extra protein."
  • QB The QB threw the winning touchdown pass in the final seconds of the game.
  • rb
  • sb
  • V Vanessa's name starts with the letter "V".
  • va "Va bene" is an Italian phrase that means "okay".
  • VB VB is a popular programming language for Windows applications.
  • vd
  • VF
  • VG The video game is called "VG" for short.
  • vi In the Vietnamese language, "vi" means "inner."
  • VJ I was visiting my friend VJ down at the local pub.
  • VS The VS volleyball team is favored to win the championship.
  • vt
  • yb The yb was attacked by a pack of wolves.