What is the correct spelling for VEFIRY?

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Correct spellings for VEFIRY

  • afire
  • before I was never here before ."
  • defray The United States, in Congress assembled, shall also have the sole and exclusive right and power of regulating the alloy and value of coin struck by their own authority, or by that of the respective States; fixing the standard of weights and measures throughout the United States; regulating the trade and managing all affairs with the Indians, not members of any of the States; provided that the legislative right of any State, within its own limits, be not infringed or violated; establishing and regulating post offices from one State to another, throughout all the United States, and exacting such postage on the papers passing through the same as may be requisite to defray the expenses of the said office; appointing all officers of the land forces in the service of the United States, excepting regimental officers; appointing all the officers of the naval forces, and commissioning all officers whatever in the service of the United States; making rules for the government and regulation of the said land and naval forces, and directing their operations.
  • every You must be all mine, Antony-your every thought and hope and dream.
  • ferry Before it was built people had to cross by a dangerous ferry .
  • fiery "I should say so; but fancy he's a bit fiery ," said Will.
  • fire The girl that was going to set the world on fire .
  • fry I adopted the name of George Fry , a harvest-hand of Dr. Farney, from Wolfetown, on the north side of the mountain, and I was a cripple from rheumatism.
  • fury The Germans are in a fury over the action we have taken.
  • vagary Those to whom laughter has hitherto been an unintelligible vagary , in which one must join, though one could never tell when it would break out, need only study M. Bergson's book to acquire the finest flower of Parisian wit.
  • vary I have never noticed much variation in the songs of robins, but in their nesting-habits they vary constantly.
  • verify And Doctor Veetonia will verify the accuracy of any statements made on the matter.
  • very "Thank you very much," she answered.
  • vivify As though to vivify this hallucination, the dying moon suddenly plunged behind a cloud, lighting the landscape but by strange lugubrious streaks, and in the distance behind us a long low rumble warned me that my dream might soon be a terrible reality.
  • votary Cold terror seized me, and mute awe, the while She oped her proud lips, with an icy smile- 'Whose votary art thou?
  • weary Suddenly the Pasha appeared to get weary of his papers.
  • wiry The man was a fine, well-set-up fellow, wiry and muscular, with deep-set eyes, and bearing across his right cheek a heavy scar.
  • Vapory Long at the window he stood, and wistfully gazed on the landscape, Washed with a cold gray mist, the vapory breath of the east-wind, Forest and meadow and hill, and the steel-blue rim of the ocean, Lying silent and sad, in the afternoon shadows and sunshine.
  • Avery What measures they took, and how Captain Avery managed afterwards, is too long a story to meddle with here; nor is it any of my business, having my own story still upon my hands.
  • Jeffrey In the meantime a hurried consultation had been held between Mrs. Jeffrey and Theo as to the room suitable for the stranger to be placed in.
  • Vera "What are you doing, Vera ?
  • Jeffery
  • Jeffry Will you keep the skylight off to-night, Jeffry ?
  • Valery She was in a far more melancholy mood than I at St. Valery .
  • verier
  • fairy Fairy sprang out with a bound that landed her on the dry sand; Leicester followed, and then helped the exhausted but victorious galley-slaves to alight.

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