What is the correct spelling for VELOP?

If you meant to type "velop" but misspelled it, there are a few correct suggestions. The correct spelling you might be looking for is "velcro", a brand name for hook-and-loop fasteners. Alternatively, you may have meant "elope", which refers to running away secretly to get married. Remember to double-check your spelling to avoid confusion.

Correct spellings for VELOP

  • clop She took a clop to the shoulder.
  • elope The couple decided to elope to Vegas and get married in secret.
  • flop I hope my beach umbrella doesn't flop over in the wind.
  • GLOP The consistency of the glue can be described as a glop.
  • help I need help to understand this complicated math problem.
  • kelp I think I found a jellyfish on a rock covered in kelp.
  • lop I thought I saw a lop in the garden.
  • plop I heard a plop and turned to see the frog jumping into the pond.
  • slop What a slop the dog made.
  • valor I felt a sense of valor when I faced my fear.
  • VEEP The VEEP made a surprise visit to the local school to give a motivational speech.
  • vela
  • velar She slept with her head on his shoulder, velar to his marbled chest.
  • veld The veld is a beautiful place to walk.
  • Velma My favorite character on "Sesame Street" is Velma.
  • velour The couch was made of soft velour material.
  • velum A velum is a soft, smooth surface that's used to cover the front of a drum to prevent the drumhead from
  • yelp I heard a yelp from the neighbor's dog.

22 words made from the letters VELOP