What is the correct spelling for VERFID?

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Correct spellings for VERFID

  • befit He was described in the following words: "His figure is stately, his face and attitude suggest reserve force and that majestic calm which seems to befit great power....
  • fervid We might imagine her fervid nature as being affected by the message of deliverance precisely in the manner described: while the beautified image of her deliverer transferred itself through some magnetic influence to the spectator's mind from her own.
  • perfidy The lady went home with her husband, and Sainte-Croix retired to his lodgings, there to meditate on the perfidy of his mistress.
  • refit The Triton remained sometime at Gibraltar to refit .
  • valid As for the other young lady being valid , that he dismissed as nonsense not worth consideration.
  • vapid She deemed him a hollow suit, full of vapid ambition.
  • varied The prices for the winter fishing varied a little.
  • veld Let me beg of you to consider your position in regard to the Malgamite scheme-and meet me to-morrow night between the Malie Veld and the Achter Weg about half-past nine.
  • vend Fille qui prend, se vend ; fille qui donne s'abban- donne.
  • verdi Here, too, is the tomb of Giuseppe Verdi .
  • verified All my suspicions are verified .
  • verity Treated by Dr. Verity .
  • versed Jasmine was not well enough versed in the history of feminine costume to know how exactly to describe the frock; but she saw at once that it belonged to a bygone generation, and she divined in the same instant that it was a frock belonging to Uncle Matthew's dead wife, one of the frocks that all these years had been kept embalmed in a trunk that was never opened except when he was alone.
  • verve English reserve is not esteemed in that land, and the axemen danced with the mingled verve of grey Caledonia and light-hearted France, while a little man with fiery hair from the misty Western Isles shrieked encouragement at them, and maddened them with his fiddle.
  • vivid It was a charming visit, and the sweet pause in the vivid life of the past few weeks, was equally charming to Cornelia.
  • void And it spread an ever growing horror, greater and greater in the silence and the darkness of the night, till it filled all space and became a power that thrilled through every nerve, and denied the right of any other thing in the infinite void to be known or thought of.
  • weft Exceedingly soft and grey, with rose-tinted weft of steam upon its summit, stood Vesuvius above us in the twilight.
  • Defied But at unexpected times she would have bursts of energy that defied reality.
  • Deified We know the oaths taken by those subjects to their deified kings.
  • Veered To our disappointment, just as we were going about, the wind veered three points to the northward, and we found it blowing directly in our teeth.
  • Verged Harriet Wesden gave up life's frivolities, and became a trifle austere in her manner; she had found a church to her taste, and a minister to her taste-a minister who verged on extremes, too, and yet was one of the best-meaning, purest-minded men in the world.
  • Versified The ensuing colloquy is interesting, as being practically a versified form of the scholastic method of discussion, such as we find in Aquinas.
  • Verde I Rio Verde , Rio Verde !
  • RFD Captain Peter Edward James Collins, AM, RFD , QC, RANR (born 10 May 1947) was the Leader of the Opposition in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly from 4 April 1995 to 8 December 1998.

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