What is the correct spelling for VERFIED?

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Correct spellings for VERFIED

  • fervid His eloquence was fervid ."
  • leafed As she sat there on the bank of the ravine, with a background of delicately leafed bushes and the light of the setting sun on her face and her hair, George Holt studied her closely, mentally and physically, and would have given all he possessed if he had not been so hasty.
  • perfidy "And in his devotion to his friend, he reproached me for my perfidy !
  • varied Many claimed to have met her, and described her in colours which were, however, the most varied .
  • veiled It was late in November, and a light mist veiled the end of each black, deserted street.
  • veined "It is mighty hard," the old lips quivered, and the gaunt, blue-veined hand was raised to the dim eyes.
  • verdi As she was compelled by her contract to sing the opera, she asked Verdi to make some slight changes to bring the music within her reach.
  • verified I have a presentiment that the truth of this axiom will be verified in France.
  • verity And if this were so of verity , we made a reckoning that set the Lesser Redoubt to the North; and they did likewise, and put us to the South; yet was it all built upon the sand of guess-work; and nothing to adventure the life and soul upon.
  • versed And all at once the soldier, who was well versed in the code, began to recite the message aloud.
  • verve Verve was there none in the whole ephemeral embodiment.
  • vivid But for all this vivid memory of those hours, it was imagination rather than recollection that occupied him most with her when she had left him.
  • wearied "It's all you know, Maurice," the sick man said, with a wearied sigh.
  • Defied This act of treachery-the surrender of Valletta to the French-was virtually the end of the famous order; the dying hour, as it were, of a brotherhood which had for hundreds of years defied the whole Ottoman power almost single handed, and whose members, as chivalrous knights, won the respect of Christendom.
  • Deified Moreover, Dungi had not been deified when the poem was written.
  • Levied Charles, Peggy, Antonett, Davy, September, Maria, Jenny, and Isaac, levied on as the property of Henry T. Hall, to satisfy a mortgage, fi.
  • Nerved Then, nerved to an unnatural calm, she rose and moved slowly forward.
  • Reefed Almost as far as eye can reach I see the close-reefed vessels fly, As fast we flit along the beach,- One little sandpiper and I. I watch him as he skims along, Uttering his sweet and mournful cry; He starts not at my fitful song, Or flash of fluttering drapery; He has no thought of any wrong; He scans me with a fearless eye.
  • Served Ol' Bill Possum, it served him right; And he is no more, for he died last night."
  • Turfed Everywhere the ancient moat, thickly turfed and planted with trees and shrubs, stretched a girdle of garden between their course and the wall beautifully old, with knots of dead ivy clinging to its crevices, or broad meshes of the shining foliage mantling its blackened masonry.
  • Veered Before I went below the wind veered round almost ahead.
  • Verged Mrs. Macon felt inclined to a burst of laughter, which verged closely upon tears, as Molly sidled in, and began in a voice as soft as Sara's own,- "Dear Mrs. Macon, I've come to be your child, if you want me, and it's easy to say I shall love you well, but"-suddenly breaking out into her usual frankness-"I'll tell you what it is, you're getting much the worst of the bargain!"
  • Versified The same critic gave reasons for thinking that the versified metres were by some later hand, and not by King Alfred.
  • Vetoed The United States vetoed it.
  • Vied Each body of troops vied with other regiments in a friendly rivalry.
  • Vilified As an artist Hadrian ought not to have vilified beauty, as a man he ought not to have insulted unprotected innocence.
  • Vivified Others there were who contributed adorable designs and helped build up the most exquisite expressions of modern art, but, alas, their modesty was such that their names are scarce known in connexion with the art they vivified.
  • Weaved I had done too little good in the world to neglect the opportunity that seemed to present itself to me, so as we went on I weaved a little plan to give the man another start in life.
  • Verde On the 26th we passed San Antonio, the most westerly of the Cape Verde Islands, at a distance of about 40 miles.
  • surfed
  • vetted
  • disorientations

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