What is the correct spelling for VERRED?

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Correct spellings for VERRED

  • barred Here she possesses a habitation protected by exceedingly high walls and strongly barred gates. From the garden you were barred An there's an Angel standin' guard – Eve by Statler Brothers
  • berried
  • burred
  • eared
  • ferret
  • furred
  • geared
  • marred
  • seared It was as if my side was being seared with a hot iron.
  • serried All the serried body dispersed as would Light Infantry, now continuing their advance, then hanging back, then making a rush, and all the time keeping up a hot fire upon the enemy.
  • varied Books, society, solitude, the woods, the crowded streets-all things in this varied universe have in them replenishings for your mind.
  • veiled I was heavily veiled , by Philip's order."
  • veined Jim lifted one and noted its peculiar smoothness, its remarkable weight for its size; he noted, too, that it was veined with concentric markings, like a series of arabesques or fleurs-de-lis.
  • verity In verity he knew it as glibly as the alphabet, for he was infinitely painstaking.
  • versed But not being versed in the ways of the law, I did not trouble much about such matters.
  • wearied The third day out, even the commander of the Stonewall Brigade took it upon himself to halt his wearied men.
  • wired He had to start at once, and wired me from New York.
  • worried We were quite worried about you."
  • Averred "Yes, I do," averred Van Horn.
  • Erred Several times he stretched his hand toward the bell to send for her; but she had offended him so deeply that he must at least let her feel how gravely she had erred, and that the lion could not be irritated unpunished, so he conquered himself and remained alone.
  • Feared Robin hated and feared her.
  • Ferried We ferried across the Cedar river and drove a few miles, and put up with a crowd of California emigrants at the log house of an Irishman by the name of Nolan, a clever man, who did the best his slender means permitted to make us comfortable.
  • Jarred That might have jarred any one but Ole.
  • Jeered The captain on hearing this turned quite green in the face, and remarked that he'd be "dogged" if he liked running into the jaws of a lion, and he proposed to turn back; but he was jeered at by my fellow-travellers, who were all either officers or soldiers, wishing to cross the Mississippi to rejoin their regiments in the different Confederate armies.
  • Leered From his letter the delirium tremens looked up and leered.
  • Neared When I neared them within about sixty feet, the man, on hearing my footsteps, turned back.
  • Peered The doctor peered over his glasses at Moroka.
  • Reared A few bounds and the noble steed reared high on his hind legs.
  • Tarred He'd ha' been tarred and feathered if it'd been known.
  • Veered His ideas suddenly underwent a change, and his political conscience veered completely round.
  • Verged He seemed to be all on edge, and more than once his manner to Crowther also verged upon abruptness.
  • Vetoed "No, indeed," Isabel vetoed decidedly.
  • Warred When they had no external foes, the Rajput clans warred among themselves, since they knew no other life.
  • Whirred Instantly a tiny object whirred up and struck him in the face.
  • Purred He waits," purred the Rangar.
  • Jerrod
  • Verde Hither came sloops from my father's plantation of tobacco, near Annapolis, and others from the "permitted islands," the Cape de Verde and the Madeiras.
  • zeroed
  • verier
  • vetted

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