What is the correct spelling for VIDLE?

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Correct spellings for VIDLE

  • diddle And, perhaps, from Mr. Lamb's pathetic reiteration of his name, 'Diddle, diddle ,' you would be disposed to infer that Dumpkins had practised his diddling talents upon Mr. L. more than once?
  • fiddle He bowed to right and left, as to an audience politely applauding, and, lifting the table and its burden, withdrew; while old Bob again set his fiddle to his chin and scraped the preliminary measures of a quadrille.
  • girdle He gives expression to this feeling in lines like these: The sea of faith Was once, too, at the full, and round earth's shore Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furl'd.
  • idle But Leo fought well, and the boy was not idle .
  • idler My eye lighted on the bit where he goes for a walk in the London streets, and besides a Nurse, a Bachelor, a Military Idler , and a Dame with Decent Steps-figures with which I too am familiar-he sees- ...
  • idly So the talk went on, as such things will, idly , without purpose save to pass the time.
  • middle Slender and tall she stood in the middle of the room.
  • piddle For some reason he thought I might be able to make it run, so he brought it to me to piddle with.
  • riddle I asked if you remembered me and you answered in a riddle .
  • sidle A youth, with a basket of oranges on his head, was offering them for sale, when one of the domestics adroitly managed to make his horse sidle against him.
  • tile Now and then a hoarse outcry from his auditors forced him to pause, and more than once his remarks were punctuated by a flying potato or bit of tile hurled at his head.
  • vale It is a pleasant land withal-a land of hill and vale , of wood and copse.
  • viable One must view on all sides the mechanical agencies that should serve to set the image together, until the latter has attained the simplicity that alone makes invention viable .
  • vial Had I known that you had taken it, I would have repeated to you how deadly were the contents, and how dangerous it was to handle the vial or to let others handle it, much less to put it to the lips.
  • vidal His successor, Dr. Vidal , held the presidency for only two years, when he, too, was forced to resign.
  • video Soth was standing motionless before the video , staring at a streaky picture of the riot scene at Willow Run.
  • vila
  • vile You strut and smirk your little while So mildly, delicately vile! – To Certain Poets by Joyce Kilmer
  • villa Down in the grill in the Villa gettin hilla – Who You Wit by jay-z
  • viol
  • viola And I will tune that old viola Quote things from Emile Zola – Sheldon Bloom by Unknown Author
  • violet
  • virile "Now begin again," continued the quiet, virile voice.
  • vital But if Lord Kitchener realized more clearly than other men in power how far-reaching would be the need for troops, Redmond realized also far more than the men in power how vital would be the need for America.
  • voile She wore a green uniform with a crimson voile boudoir cap and as the American stepped inside the slow-going car, she answered his "good morning" with a respectful, "good morning, sir."
  • vole Vole, vole dans cette Cage, Petite Oyseau dans cet bocage.
  • waddle Then it would make a clutch with fingers of steel at the thread that it had gathered, and waddle away about five yards and come back with more.
  • wide The next instant he had passed out of the door which she held wide open for him.
  • widely It is a book that ought to be widely read."
  • wilde Born in Derbyshire, of humble parents, in 1689, he was apprenticed to Mr. John Wilde , a printer in London, whom he served for seven years.
  • wile While studying in her mirror the effects of a sidelong glance, a smile, a gentle frown, an attitude of anger, or of love, or disdain, she was seeking some woman's wile by which to probe to the last instant the heart of the young leader.
  • Villi
  • Fidel
  • VTOL
  • viler George the First was always reckoned Vile; still viler George the Second.
  • vitae
  • disjointednesses

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