What is the correct spelling for VILLEDGE?

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Correct spellings for VILLEDGE

  • allege Or so they allege .
  • college Your uncle left school to go to college .
  • ledge Gannett was sitting on the window-ledge smoking a cigarette.
  • liege Comfort my Liege , remember who you are Rich.
  • lodge But this other possibility of finding Miss Burgoyne and her friends in the immediate neighborhood of Strathaivron Lodge ?
  • mileage These long sandy reaches, where the men could trot on the line-that was where they got their mileage , I'll warrant.
  • pillage It is even said that if Brasidas, instead of stopping to pillage , had advanced straight against the town, he would probably have taken it.
  • pledge I pledge my word!"
  • sledge Threatening and dark looked the stranger round, His steel shoes with haste on his feet he bound, The sledge -horse starts forth strong and free; He snorteth flames, so glad is he.
  • tillage He was getting farther and farther from the homestead now, there was a great broad stretch of hillside all ready for tillage .
  • veiled He lay stretched carelessly at full length, his eyes upon her with veiled admiration.
  • verge The window 'sill,' already loose, was on the verge of falling, and was therefore pushed over into the gully.
  • vile This building, with its vile associations, is now the property of the British government.
  • vilely On the receipt of this letter, as the messenger told me, the proud rascal vapoured exceedingly, most vilely abusing our king, whom he called a king of fishermen, and of a contemptible island, whose commission he despised; and scornfully refused to send me any answer.
  • villa He rose to his feet, a little stiff, and walked slowly along the path towards the villa .
  • village "Dorn," said one of the men, "you an' Jerry saved this here village from bein' burned."
  • villager One-half of the parchment and the whole chain, short of the six links, were left with me, and I keep them still, always expecting the arrival of the person who is to produce the counterparts; for the lady told me that in two years she would send for her daughter, charging me that I should have her brought up not as became her mother's quality, but as a simple villager ; and if by any chance she was not able to send for the child so soon, I was on no account to acquaint her with the secret of her birth, even should she have arrived at years of discretion.
  • villein One of the chief methods adopted by the villein s to gain their freedom was desertion, and so common did this become that apparently the mere threat of desertion enabled the villein to obtain almost any concession from his lord, who was afraid lest his land should be utterly deserted.
  • villeinage By these provisions both villeinage or land-serfdom and the slavery of debtor classes to capital were to be prevented in the new nation.
  • wedge This morning the enemy had driven a wedge into our line in this neighbourhood, and it is quite possible that he will deliver other blows in the same direction.
  • Villi The villi are adapted especially for the absorption of fat.
  • Willed War willed it thus.
  • villages We passed through four villages on our way to the port after leaving the prison; not one person looked at us or gave us a word of kindness; not a tear was in any eye; not one blessing was uttered."
  • millage
  • Vallejo At the same time Judge Grier filed a dissenting opinion, in which he expressed a hope that Congress would not allow those who had purchased in good faith from Vallejo , and expended their money in improving the land, to be deprived of it.
  • viler Some day you may learn that there are viler things in the world-and have to bear them-than a poor gentleman!
  • villagers

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