What is the correct spelling for VILYL?

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Correct spellings for VILYL

  • lily "We had better go down," she said simply, turning to Ralph, who would have cheerfully assented had she suggested that they should together walk into the loch among the lily beds.
  • vial With a quick motion she raised her fingers to her lips, then tossed a small vial crashing to the floor.
  • vidal At the end of twenty minutes we had overtaken the rear of the column, and recognized the battalion of Captain Adjutant-Major Vidal , who was marching near it. We had taken our places in the ranks before any one noticed our absence.
  • vigil They agreed to divide the night into two parts, Jimsy watching till midnight and then awakening Roy who would take up the vigil till dawn.
  • vila Selma, José Vila (1978) El "último" Carpentier.
  • vile Exalted high 20 In garret vile he lives; with remnants hung Of tapestry.
  • vilely However, I always have acted this part of my own vilely ; the language is not natural-mere stilted declamation from first to last, most fatiguing to the chest, and impossible for me to do anything with, as it excites no emotion in me whatever....
  • villa The Major and she are living as happily as birds, in an absurd villa , and the former has taken to smoking.
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  • viol Last came Joy's ecstatic trial: He, with viny crown advancing, First to the lively pipe his hand addrest: But soon he saw the brisk, awakening viol , Whose sweet, entrancing voice he loved the best.
  • viral Archean Soundtrack are best known for their single Reach, the music video of which was directed by Duncan Guymer, who oversaw the viral marketing videos for Thorpe Parks new ride, "The Swarm".
  • vital His entire soul was engrossed in the one grand, vital , absorbing idea of escape!
  • will I fancy it will do now!
  • wily Fremont's military capacity perhaps is equal to zero; his vanity put him in the hands of wily flatterers; but the disasters in the West cannot be credited to him.
  • Villi Chorionic villi are a rich source of stem cells.
  • Willy Piccinni's domestic life was so beautiful, that it makes it all the more pitiable that he should have been dragged willy-nilly into a contest for which he had neither inclination nor ability.
  • Vilma Vilma had dressed; and now they sat together in the pilot house.
  • Lilly When Charles the First was confined, Lilly the astrologer was consulted for the hour which would favour his escape.
  • viler But the finest sight of all was to see those haughty men striding down the causeway darkly, reckless of their end, but resolute to have two lives for every one. A finer dozen of young men could not have been found in the world perhaps, nor a braver, nor a viler one.

11 words made from the letters VILYL

  • 3 letter words made from VILYL:

    ill, ivy, liv, lvi, lvy.
  • 4 letter words made from VILYL:

    illy, lily, livy, yill.
  • 5 letter words made from VILYL:

    livly, villy.