What is the correct spelling for VINEL?

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Correct spellings for VINEL

  • final Presently she resumed: "Now, you asked me to-night if my answer was final,-well, here's your chance.
  • finely I can manage all my plans finely, now.
  • lineal The Brodies came from Moray, and are the only true lineal descendants of Malcolm Thane of Brodie in the reign of Alexander the Third, lawful King of Scotland.
  • panel The officer made a motion, the pike was withdrawn, and he stood on tip-toe and put his finger into the splintered panel.
  • vainly "Then," said Una, in a low voice, which she tried vainly to keep steady-"then it is something concerning Jack.
  • vane Extract of a letter written to Sir Henry Vane in England.
  • veined He was sitting with his large-veined hands spread before his face, and Sidney was wrapt in thoughts of the change that might be in store for him, when Mattie knocked at the door.
  • venal A lady is reported to have addressed him in the following terms: "I suppose, Lord Melbourne, that as Prime Minister you found mankind terribly venal."
  • venial You, by your own confession, deem coquetry a venial error; can that be such, from which come such cruel and mischievous results.
  • vernal Out of the past it blew and out of the South, a merry vernal tune of a Southern people.
  • vial This he opened with great deliberation, taking from it a small vial and a package wrapped in a piece of newspaper.
  • vidal He begged Vidal to give him a word in pity of his loneliness.
  • vigil He could even conjecture the night vigil on the mountain, and the breaking of the fire in the dawn.
  • vile Who was vile enough to tell you?"
  • vilely We will sit in over-heated cars, eat vilely cooked food, put up with insolence from subordinates, because it is too much trouble to assert our rights.
  • vine She cares for me; but her love is like the vine.
  • vino Li estas trinkonta, kaj la vino estas trinkota.
  • vinyl
  • viol They did not so much resemble the viol, as the neck of that instrument gives it peculiar advantages, of which the Ancients seem to have been wholly ignorant.
  • viral
  • vital
  • vowel It will be found possible to produce all of the vowel sounds without any change except in the form of the opening of the lips.
  • wine
  • Lionel
  • Vince
  • Wines The servants carried dainty dishes round the table, and beakers of rich wines, but though Gamelyn cried aloud that he was fasting no food was brought to him.
  • vines
  • vanes It is always well, Captain, to divine the trend of the wind before weather vanes give information to all who care to look for it.
  • viler But when the love of gain Hath struck its roots in his vile, sordid heart,- Each gen'rous impulse chill'd,-like vampire, now, He sucks the life-blood of his friends or foes Until he viler grows than savage beast.
  • wined
  • close day
  • close deal
  • dis-enfranchised
  • dis-gracing
  • dis-pleasure
  • forgiving forget
  • inter meddled