What is the correct spelling for VIONS?

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Correct spellings for VIONS

  • loins Be admonished, therefore, by St. Peter, and 'gird up the loins of your spirit: be sober, and watch unto prayer.
  • minos Dante's influence over the great artist's pictorial imagination is strongly marked in the fresco of the Last Judgment, where Charon's boat, and Minos with his twisted tail, are borrowed direct from the Inferno.
  • venous
  • venus They're gonna tear you apart I heard that girls are from Venus And that guys are from Mars But in the end they all leave us – End Of The World by MCFLY
  • viands The hardy sailor, however, made ample amends to the viands for his host's want of appetite.
  • vine When he finished washing his hair he went to get one lawed vine , and he went back home.
  • vino And in spite of the exaggeration and extravagance which shield themselves under the claim of poetic license, I venture to affirm that "In vino veritas" is not truer than In carmine veritas.
  • vinous Berries small, variable in size, round, purplish-black, glossy with purplish-red pigment, astringent; flesh dull white with faint red tinge, translucent, tender, melting, spicy, vinous , sweet; good.
  • wings And the live air, fanned with wings, Bright with breeze and sunshine, brings – Swallows Travel To And Fro by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • INS
  • Vince
  • Coins The latter has a cigar in one hand and with the other offers coins to his neighbour; the explanation is as follows: "Old Party.
  • Lions On the side next the Piazza Grande is a handsome porch, with columns resting on rudely-carved lions of red marble.
  • Veins She was Maggie Miller still to him, and though old Hagar's blood were in her veins he would not give her up.
  • Visions All you need to believe in Rocky Springs is what you come up against, and then you don't need to be too sure you haven't got-visions."
  • Wines But they did no mischief, nor did they steal any of the food or wines.
  • wins One thing is certain: he gets paid whether he wins or loses; that is to say, he gets his fee in any case, but of course if he wins something will be added to his fee.
  • voids "I guided her through the tangle of tepees, through glaring fire-lit circles and through black voids where we stumbled and had to feel our way.
  • joins 1599-Joins an expedition against the English to the West Indies.
  • vows I forgot at the instant all my vows of revenge.
  • vines And they shall walk in light that we have made, They of the days to come, and sit in shadow Of our blood-reared vines , not counting the wild cost.
  • violins To the accompaniment of shrill and wounded violins she yielded herself to this miracle of the dark.
  • vans On turning a corner out of a narrow coppice-bordered lane into a wider road that sloped steadily upward in a long stretch of hill Elaine saw, coming toward her at no great distance, a string of yellow-painted vans , drawn for the most part by skewbald or speckled horses.
  • vies
  • IONS
  • WAINS Nor do I hold myself entirely blameless for this, since had I but bethought me to stock my purse with a suitable amount of small silver, he might have escaped the injury that doubtlessly befell him in the press of wagons, wains, vans and motor-drawn vehicles into which he so impetuously darted.
  • vanes Another view of the west front occurs on the seal of the Archdeacon's official, 1267, and in this example there are three pointed towers, the central one carrying a cross, the others being capped with flag vanes .
  • Zions
  • viols
  • winos
  • afterwhile
  • bellyflops
  • dis-enfranchised
  • dis-gracing
  • dis-infections
  • dis-interested
  • dis-interestedly
  • dis-order
  • dis-ordered
  • fourflushers
  • down-turned

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