What is the correct spelling for VIRINGIA?

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Correct spellings for VIRINGIA

  • airing Finding that she could not content the baby, she at length got up, and taking off her blanket, put one end of it round the baby's shoulders, tucked the ends under its arms, and then with one sweep placed baby and blanket together on her back, and with one or two pulls once more got the blanket wrapped completely round her, and the little fat boy snugly ensconced between her shoulders; then she marched off to give him an airing .
  • bring It seems to bring it home to one, sir."
  • firing I first met Lloyd George during those crowded days when he was Commander-in-Chief of the host that fed the firing line.
  • pairing I have but once been present at the pairing and for this curious experience I must thank my lucky star and my fat neighbour, the Angular Epeira, whom I visit so often by lantern-light.
  • ring Anyone who wanted to get a ring like that could do it quite simply."
  • ringer I was carried immediately to a house which I found belonged to a Mr Hans Ringer , an attorney, who had charge of several plantations in that flourishing neighbourhood.
  • tiring The getting there was very long and tiring .
  • varying The girl stood for a moment or so at the door; and as she stood, her form, rounded yet slight, her earnest look, her varying colour, her tender youth, and a singular grace of attitude and gesture, would have inspired an artist with the very ideal of rustic beauty.
  • veering Up, up he went, veering more to the west.
  • veiling As soon as it was dark she stepped out from the house and veiling her purpose under the pretext of gathering some herbs to complete a charm she presently entered a grove of overhanging cedars where Hien had long been awaiting her footsteps.
  • verona A young gentleman asking for Verona ?
  • veronica Ann Veronica was a well-educated young woman with that leaning towards biological science which seems an almost necessary element in the make-up of Mr Wells' exemplars of the open mind.
  • vienna Think, after you leave Vienna you must travel six hours by boat and three by rail before you reach Balak, but what a city, what curious houses, and what an opera house!
  • viewing Then he found himself going from section to section, viewing the splendid assortment of aircraft on exhibition and for sale.
  • viking All the servants, however, also knew them and many others besides, and if they were asked how the mansion of Kvaerk happened to be built like an eagle's nest on the brink of a precipice, they would tell you the following: Saint Olaf, Norway's holy king, in the time of his youth had sailed as a Viking over the wide ocean, and in foreign lands had learned the doctrine of Christ the White.
  • virginia Occasionally on a fine day when she had nothing better to do, she took Virginia into the Park for an hour after luncheon.
  • voicing Hereupon Brueck, in the name of the Lutherans, thanked the Emperor, at the same time voicing the request "that, considering their dire necessity, His Imperial Majesty would permit his Elector and princes to make answer to the Confutation."
  • voiding
  • warring
  • wearing
  • whirring
  • wiring
  • wring
  • Fairing
  • Hiring
  • Miring
  • Siring
  • Veining
  • Verging
  • Versing
  • Vicing
  • Vying
  • Visaing
  • Whoring
  • Vitrine
  • Trina
  • Verna
  • Ringo
  • Waring
  • dis-criminate
  • front-page

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