What is the correct spelling for VISERS?

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Correct spellings for VISERS

  • vespers She showed great compassion for her Catholic subjects, and such devotion to her religious duties that she heard Mass every day, even when she was on one of the frequent progresses of the English Court, and on Sundays listened to a sermon and attended Vespers , which was usually enlivened by instrumental music.
  • vibes Bad vibes , very bad vibes .
  • viewers Tears sparkled on his cheeks; but neither Martha nor the viewers knew why.
  • viscera He pointed out that there was a relationship between the abdominal viscera and the olfactory mucous membrane of the nose.
  • viscus For, it is not the quantity of the viscus alone that settles this scientific question; but the weight of the brains in direct proportion to that of the person's body.
  • vise Her fear for the caravan elephants was anguish, her fatigue extreme; but excitement held the Gul Moti in a vise .
  • visor Kumpee had on a cap with the visor inverted to the back of his head.
  • Vistas The vistas stretched far-all satisfying.
  • Voices There are so many voices calling me over the sea.
  • vises Two hands, two vises , seized his wrists, and he found himself in the middle of the room, leaving the doorway clear for the workmen.
  • vines How boldly yet lightly the vines hang from the rugged rocks on the banks of the river; among them grows the wild fig-tree covered with purple fruit.
  • vases Laid beside the place cards were funny little favors, which had been gleefully chosen with a sly view toward exploiting every one's pet hobby, while at either end of each table were tall vases of red roses, which seemed to nod their fragrant approval of the merry-making.
  • vies Included in these sports are many of those amusements of the middle ages of which Ben Jonson sang: "The Cotswold with the Olympic vies In manly games and goodly exercise."
  • rises Mr. George, having had enough of his accounts, rises and goes to the window.
  • visors The two officers wore their helmets; but the visors of both were open; and Walter could see their faces distinctly.
  • vipers Ridgar was silent a moment, and McElroy repeated his question, with his face still turned away: Does she pass among them,-the vipers ?
  • views Even where I dissent-as is often the case-from his views , I have to own to myself that were I he, I should think and reason precisely as he does.
  • verses "Just before I left home," she went on in the same calm quiet, "a girl showed me some verses written by a very wicked man.
  • veers "I donno if you've took it in that when you're in a grave, or 'round one, your talk sort o' veers that way?
  • users Some of the information contained in this book has hitherto been presented in circular and book form, but at the request of numerous friends and users of our machinery we now issue this complete catalogue which contains considerable additional information, besides which it is in a compact and convenient form.
  • vices In coming into the world, our Lord could have converted the world at once, and destroyed all its vices ; but the economy of his wisdom did not so direct.
  • VISAS We are having considerable-very considerable-trouble arranging for some six visas, or their equivalents.
  • WISER What is he, Anna, yer wiser nor me; tell a poor craither in throuble, do!
  • Kaisers It appeared that O'Leary, much more alive to the imperative necessity of avoiding detection by his sposa, than of involving himself with the police, had thrown out most dark and mysterious hints in the hotel as to the reason of his residence at Paris; fully impressed with the idea that, to be a good Pole, he need only talk "revolutionary;" devote to the powers below, all kings, czars, and kaisers; weep over the wrongs of his nation; wear rather seedy habiliments, and smoke profusely.
  • kissers Now loosen your hands-now loosen, and see Who the kissers and kiss'd of the reapers shall be.
  • misers They hated misers , but they loved the kind and generous.
  • risers Nothing of the sort happened, however, though there were dress rehearsals at seven o'clock in the morning of the appointed day, when early risers saw braves in full war paint flocking to the lake front, with a tread not as stealthy as it would be at night when boots should be exchanged for moccasins.
  • wishers The big race in which The Prince was expected to win his laurels was the last on the program, so there was plenty of time for receiving friends, and listening to the opinions of well-wishers.
  • viziers When they have weighed sufficiently long upon men, Providence, like the sultan to his viziers , sends them the bowstring by a mute, and they execute themselves.
  • osiers When the people of the place, the squire and keepers and others who have an interest in the reeds and osiers , fall to abusing them on account of the damage they do, I put my fingers in my ears.
  • visits Thus the time was occupied in profitable visits during the feeble light of the November moon.
  • raisers About time for the sun to set, a procession of pole raisers starts from each of the four quarters of the camp circle.
  • de-generates
  • dis-course
  • dis-crete
  • freeflowing
  • out-of-the-box
  • inter-changeability
  • inter-changeable
  • inter-diction
  • inter-fere
  • inter-feres
  • inter-folded
  • time-waster
  • quasi-government

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