What is the correct spelling for VLLEY?

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Correct spellings for VLLEY

  • alley The Judge quickly rushed out of the building and down the alley to where the hanging was taking place.
  • ally "I'm so sorry, Ally .
  • galley He looked into the galley and found no one there.
  • halley 83 Halley , Edmund, vi.
  • pulley Licker-in Driven Pulley , 7 in.
  • vale He was a sensitive, conscientious person whose life should have been in the vale ; and yet at that moment he had a fierce desire to confront Jethro Bass and-and destroy him.
  • valet Now it is a fact that in extreme dejection something good to eat, and something nice to wear, will often restore the inner man to his normal complacency; and when Hyde's valet had seen to his master's refreshment in every possible way, Hyde was at least reconciled to the idea of living a little longer.
  • valley The valley looked like a pass.
  • value The very letters he received were, at her entreaty, shown to, and discussed with her in a way which gave each of them a special value and importance.
  • valuer A house-owner, after studying the house with the eye of a valuer , would have said, "What will become of those two women if embroidery should go out of fashion?"
  • vela 70-14 hacerse a la vela : to set sail.
  • vila From the forest-hill the Vila told me, That we should no longer waste our treasures In the vain attempt to raise the fortress On a shifting, insecure foundation.
  • vile "In itself it is a vile life.
  • vilely He had touched pitch, and to his own conscience and imagination he had been most vilely defiled.
  • villa Fabio dragged me away, and led me by a bye path back to the villa .
  • voile She wore a white voile dress made with the waist just below her breasts, and the skirt dropping straight and clinging.
  • vole But in answer to all my shouts there never was any sound at all, except of a rocky echo, or a scared bird hustling away, or the sudden dive of a water-vole; and the place grew thicker and thicker, and the covert grew darker above me, until I thought that the fishes might have good chance of eating me, instead of my eating the fishes.
  • volley As to the volley of musketry which so alarmed me, they had fired only powder; hoping thereby to bring the pirates upon deck.
  • wale As the thought passed through her, she saw on Amy's neck a frightful upswollen wale .
  • waller 274 Waller , Edmund, vi.
  • wally "Wally, who d'you think's comin' up the walk?
  • wile She was fed with dainties by Aunt Sophia, was not expected to learn any lessons, and was given a fascinating story-book to wile away the time.
  • wily The truth is, that the wily young woman had prepared herself beforehand for possibilities, but she artfully concealed her preparation.
  • Valleys What has determined the direction of river valleys?
  • Villi The surface of the synovial layer is covered with minute processes or villi, which in diseased conditions may become hypertrophied.
  • Volleys At the end of the Mass the people filed out quietly, but at the church door they broke into volleys of rapid-fire French chatter of which Ruth could only catch a little here and there.
  • Willy Let's run," said Willy .
  • Val And I'm going to start right in calling you Val .
  • Wiley I declare, you do less and less every day-are you a married man, Mr. Wiley ?
  • Kelley By J. F. Kelley .
  • Valery T.1: Les rythmes precede d'une lettre de M. Paul Valery .
  • Holley This "college lot" was none other than the original "out lot No. 6," the first seat of Transylvania, and was the identical spot whereon had taught the immortal Holley .
  • Talley I'm Brick Talley and this is Captain-no less than Captain!
  • Voles All poverty-stricken voles are also fed from these storehouses, since it is the product of the community as a whole.
  • VOL The Ring and the Book, vol.
  • MLLE Every evening, when Mlle .
  • viler What is there more dastardly, more ugly, viler than mankind?
  • Weller After having given his son valuable parental advice, "Mr. Weller , senior, refilled his pipe from a tin box he carried in his pocket, and, lighting his fresh pipe from the ashes of the old one, commenced smoking at a great rate."
  • vales The land around me was fair to look on; nothing could be finer than the forms of the hills-half clear of wood, the disposition of open grassy downs and vales -or the beauty of the woods.
  • in-substantial
  • okkest
  • out-works

12 words made from the letters VLLEY

  • 3 letter words made from VLLEY:

    ell, evl, lev, ley, lvy, lye.
  • 4 letter words made from VLLEY:

    lely, levy, leyl, llve, vyel, yell.