What is the correct spelling for VODEO?

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Correct spellings for VODEO

  • bode This space clearly isn't being used now, and the social dynamic here doesn't bode well for a lot of cozy entertaining and dinner parties in the foreseeable future.
  • code It was a custom, not a code .
  • dodo Miss Green had had a little private talk with Molly, giving her messages from her younger brother, Dodo , and telling her what she knew of Professor Edwin's disappointment in having to go on with his duties for the time being at least.
  • lode I was mining at the time up in the Mother Lode country of California, which was the frontier then, pretty much as this is now, only we had better things to eat.
  • mode This mode of preparing coffee is very expeditious, and requires neither isinglass nor white of egg.
  • node But whatever may be the arrangement the conditions must always hold that there is a node of current at the upper end and an antidote of current at the lower end.
  • ode And this is repeated again and again by the women as their response, in the deepening passion of the ode .
  • oder Berlin, 1646, and studied at Frankfort-on-the-Oder.
  • rodeo "The town's so full of scamps it looks like Rodeo Day, and most of 'em are doing well.
  • vd Aqui tiene vd su casa!"
  • veda They are alone allowed to read the Veda or Sacred Books.
  • vet Thus, while they attempt to make of the native a kind of animal, vet in exchange they demand of him divine actions.
  • veto Had Transley, returning home, placed his veto upon it?
  • video Dave Moroka's back was to her and even as she entered he flicked off the switch of the video -radio into which he had been speaking and scowled at it.
  • vodka "Pobloff," she vixenishly declared, "you've been at the vodka ."
  • void On each side we saw a huge mountain, seemingly thousands of feet above us, but ahead was nothing but the void of empty space.
  • vole He says, that when driven by hunger, they may occasionally eat such things; but that their general food consists of mice and rats of every description, the field and water vole , and moles; and that they ought rather to be encouraged than exterminated, because they destroy so much vermin.
  • voodoo Often though the boy had visited the island, he had never been able to escape a sensation of fear at that summons of the devotees of Voodoo .
  • vote They begin to suspect they have got a talkative fellow, eager and ready to speak on every question; they dread that, and even if he be clever, they 'll vote him a bore!
  • voter In the vote for delegates to the conventions the voter is accorded the right to express his preference for men to be candidates.
  • wade Wade Hampton, who made a spirited charge; but being warmly received, Col.
  • wide We can only try to keep the gaps wide , and look through them....
  • Rode And the two men rode away up the trail, conversing earnestly.
  • Vied History tells us that the casting took place with religious ceremonies, and royal ladies vied with one another in throwing their golden ornaments into the great caldron which supplied the molten metal.
  • Voided I never tried abuse or reproach, for I chanced, early in my stay, to be present when an impatient traveler voided the vials of his wrath on the head of the chief attendant: insisting, with many strange oaths, on his right to obtain cooked food, of some sort, within the half-hour.
  • Voted That is one reason I voted against your scheme, and I'm rather glad the decision rested with me, because"-he paused a moment-"I, at least, don't owe you any money."
  • Vowed "The man I marry," vowed the darling Antoinette, "must be a hero.
  • VDU
  • Vito On the 14th we occupied Vita, or San Vito , and on the 15th came in sight of the enemy, who, occupying Calatafimi and knowing of our approach in that direction, had spread out the great part of their forces on the heights called Il Pianto dei Romani.
  • Verde To the back of these lie- 2. The Serawolli-and around Cape Verde - 3. The Sereres-none of these are truly Mandingo; nor is it certain that many slaves have come from them; such as do, however, are probably Mandingos in the current classification.
  • videos We have seen the depth of our enemies' hatred in videos , where they laugh about the loss of innocent life.
  • VADER Think the Music Man in designer threads, not Darth Vader .
  • VOTES Down with votes for women!

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