What is the correct spelling for VOICEMALL?

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Correct spellings for VOICEMALL

  • decimal It inaugurated the telegraph and the decimal system, established the uniformity of weights and measures, the bureau of longitudes, reformed the calendar, instituted the Grand Livre, increased and completed the Museum of Natural History, opened the Museum of the Louvre, created the Conservatoire of the Arts and Crafts, the Conservatoire of Music, the Polytechnic School and the Institute.
  • dismal "There is not the least danger of any such dismal catastrophe, I assure you.
  • dismally Although I assured myself lustily that a poet was as good as a prince, in my heart, and in the presence of all this luxury, I knew very dismally that it was not so, and that Monna Vittoria would never be persuaded to think so.
  • piecemeal Tyler had ordered his left wing to reinforce the centre and it seemed that the Confederates would be defeated piecemeal .
  • small You see, Mother never took me home with her but once, and then I was a very small child.
  • smell I never see'd a ghost myself; but then I says to myself, "Very like I haven't got the smell for 'em."
  • somali JUBA, or JUB, a river of East Africa, exceeding 1000 m. in length, rising on the S. E. border of the Abyssinian highlands and flowing S. across the Galla and Somali countries to the sea. It is formed by the junction of three streams, all having their source in the mountain range N. E. of Lake Rudolf which is the water-parting between the Nile basin and the rivers flowing to the Indian Ocean.
  • somalia Ethiopia total: 5,328 km border countries: Djibouti 349 km, Eritrea 912 km, Kenya 861 km, Somalia 1,600 km, Sudan 1,606 km
  • vermicelli Take the vermicelli , add it to a little of the stock, and set it on the fire, till it is quite tender.
  • vestal Cornelia, the chief Vestal and the worst offender, was condemned to suffer the punishment of entombment.
  • vicennial
  • vigesimal
  • visceral
  • viscerally
  • visual
  • visually
  • Ismail Nearly the whole of the Egyptian loans was held in England and France; and in 1876, when Ismail was floating swiftly down stream to the abyss of bankruptcy, the British and French bondholders cast about them for means to secure their own safety.
  • Ismael He that shall place the identity of man in anything else, but, like that of other animals, in one fitly organized body, taken in any one instant, and from thence continued, under one organization of life, in several successively fleeting particles of matter united to it, will find it hard to make an embryo, one of years, mad and sober, the SAME man, by any supposition, that will not make it possible for Seth, Ismael , Socrates, Pilate, St. Austin, and Caesar Borgia, to be the same man. For if the identity of SOUL ALONE makes the same MAN; and there be nothing in the nature of matter why the same individual spirit may not be united to different bodies, it will be possible that those men, living in distant ages, and of different tempers, may have been the same man: which way of speaking must be from a very strange use of the word man, applied to an idea out of which body and shape are excluded.
  • double-layered In the lateral ventricles the tela choroidea–a double-layered fold of pia mater and ependyma, produces the choroid fissure (also known as the choroidal fissure).
  • dim-lit Susan, breathing a little quicker, looked down on the dim-lit audience.

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