What is the correct spelling for VUILT?

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Correct spellings for VUILT

  • built I'm not built that way.
  • cult It is also evident that there was a body of more or less skilled medical opinion connected with the cult of Asclepius.
  • gilt Her air of martyrdom had rubbed some gilt off the occasion's splendour.
  • guilt Only guilt could make her take her punishment this way.
  • guilty No wonder he was finally feeling guilty.
  • hilt Yet the seven swords piercing her heart were set at the hilt with pearls and precious stones.
  • jilt Don't tell me you are going to jilt me!
  • kilt I kilt him whilst he was aimin' ter lay-way me.
  • lilt Katharine's ignorance of Shakespeare did not prevent her from feeling fairly certain that plays should not produce a sense of chill stupor in the audience, such as overcame her as the lines flowed on, sometimes long and sometimes short, but always delivered with the same lilt of voice, which seemed to nail each line firmly on to the same spot in the hearer's brain.
  • milt Illustrated by Milt Youngren.
  • quilt Now roll up your quilt pieces, and we will put them in my bag.
  • silt "We'll cradle most of the stuff an', if they's time, we'll flume the silt tailin's for the fine dust.
  • tilt We had a tilt once, but you fought fairly.
  • ult Three weeks later, on the 9th April, 1816, Lord Bathurst forwarded to Sir Gordon Drummond the following despatch containing the names of additional Trustees and cancelling for obvious religious, political and racial reasons which would prevent criticism the former appointment of the Governor: In my despatch of the 14th ult.
  • valet I could try, sir-believe he's bad to move, sir," said the valet.
  • valid Our answer was, "Because in a very valid sense, though not perhaps in the most usually understood, there is continued personality and an abiding memory between successive generations."
  • varlet To do the varlet justice, too, he was strongly attached to his parent.
  • vault See, see, a vault is opening that was never Knowne to my lord and husband, nor to any But him that brings the man I love, and me.
  • veil 3088. What does the veil cost you for dressing?
  • veiled Dear Mrs. Launce, who couldn't bear to hurt anybody and saw perhaps that he was taking the book a great deal more hardly than he had taken the others, veiled it as well as she could:-I do think it's got splendid things in it, Peter dear-splendid things.
  • veld "Veld-craft" is simply a matter of training the ordinary faculties of observation and memory for particular purposes, and the Native shows no such superiority in this respect as would naturally be expected from him if he were indeed better provided with animal instincts than the more civilised white man.
  • vila An all-over corded Bell Beaker in northern Portugal: Castelo Velho de Freixo de Numão (Vila Nova de Foz Côa): some remarks" (PDF).
  • vile She leaped at it, as a starving dog leaps at sight of his supper, and she set her teeth in it, and then withheld it from her lips, with something very like an oath at her own vile greediness; and then away round the corner with it, no doubt for her young mistress. Is everything that's vile In this land of inequality Slavery's in style Slavery's in style. – Freedom Is Like Gold by Andy M. Stewart
  • violet Violet looked for him to the last.
  • voile (1997), The Late Byzantine Army: Arms and Society 1204–1453, University of Pennsylvania Press, ISBN 0-8122-1620-2 Basch, Lucien (2001), "La voile latine, son origine, son évolution et ses parentés arabes", in Tzalas, H.
  • volt Where you have to generate the current with a battery you must use a spark coil, but if you have a 110-volt direct or alternating lighting current in your home you can use a transformer which will give you more power.
  • volta Qualche volta per la soddisfazione di una terza persona che era presente, questo Sacerdote gli diceva all' orecchio il soggetto sopra il quale voleva schiarimento.
  • welt If it was not for the welt, the outer sole would have to be sewed directly to the inner sole.
  • wild I came here with a wild sort of forlorn hope you could forgive.
  • wilt Wilt take me up?
  • Walt Who put away my Walt?"
  • Voila You had too much experience and I had no money, le voila."