What is the correct spelling for WAEGAL?

If you meant to write "Waegal" but realize it's a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. You might have meant "Waffle", a delicious breakfast item. Alternatively, you could be referring to the "Legal" sector, involving laws and regulations. Lastly, "Beagle" is a popular dog breed. Double-check and choose the correct term for your intended meaning.

Correct spellings for WAEGAL

  • Algal The pond was thick with algal growth, making it difficult to spot any fish.
  • Legal It is important to confirm that all actions taken are legal.
  • Regal The queen's regal appearance commanded respect and admiration from her subjects.
  • Weal The weal on his arm was a result of getting scratched by the cat.
  • Wheal The wheal on my skin from the mosquito bite started to itch.