What is the correct spelling for WAHNT?

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Correct spellings for WAHNT

  • ant A few are called after animals or plants, as Majiria the cat, Ringni a kind of tree, Dumare from Dumar, an ant -hill, Dukare from Dukar, a pig, and Titawe from Titawa, a bird.
  • aunt I lived in the old home with an aunt after my father's death.
  • cant Oh, let us put aside all that cant .
  • chant She did, indeed, take sufficient interest in herself to throw up her veil on this return journey, as if to let the world see that she could at least exhibit a face such as Mercy Chant could not show.
  • kant Why can Kant , then, only make Kant ists, but no Kant s?
  • pant He began to pant , and his eyes glowed with gratitude.
  • rant You've heard that big stiff rant ; now hear me!
  • vaunt It is some satisfaction to know that the insolence of this vaunt cost him his life.
  • vent The water-line would have been down to a level with the vent ; and this, on examination, I gladly perceived was not the case.
  • waft "And having both their quivers at their back Filled full of arrows-the one of fatal steel, The other all of gold; Death's shaft was black, But Love's was yellow-Fortune turned her wheel, And from Death's quiver fell a fatal shaft That under Cupid by the wind was waft .
  • wain Mr. Wain , 'low me to int'oduce you to my daughter Rena.
  • wait I will wait for you here.
  • walnut Three new pictures in black walnut frames stood leaning against the couch with the waiting picture wire beside them.
  • wan She came downstairs next morning so wan and white that Aunt Hepsy feared she was going to turn sick on her hands.
  • wand Yes, I am following, wand .
  • wane He usually ran his courses from one to two hours in the day, when the moon was at the wane , but very often he made his expeditions at night.
  • want Now, why do you want to know all this?
  • warn A man I've done a favor for come and told me to warn you.
  • wart She's got a wart on her finger.
  • watt She saw Joe approach and flashed a thousand watt smile.
  • wayne It was a standing joke in the trade that if you wanted to get even with Mr. Hume for driving a hard bargain with you, all you had to do was to offer him a portrait of General Wayne .
  • wend Why should she wend farther?
  • whet Then he had only dreamed of the sweet fruits of the knowledge of good and evil: but now the taste was in his mouth, to whet his appetite and increase his hunger.
  • whit The Dry Lands were no whit more valuable to-day than they had been last year.
  • wind Go out and let the wind of the fields blow through you," he said.
  • wont At this Longarine laughed heartily, and thus began:-"You want me to make you laugh, as is my wont , but it shall not be at women's expense.
  • Ain't This here is the way, I think, but I ain't sure.
  • Can't "I'm afraid I can't go.
  • Went I can't think-let me see, what were we talking about before I went away?
  • Shan't I shan't make you late.
  • Waned The more Mr. Harthouse's interest waned in politics the greater became his interest in Mrs. Bounderby.
  • Wang So the ponies were halted, and down sprang Yung Pak and Wang Ken.
  • Warned Thus the cat warned the boy, and the boy saved the baby, that was very welcome in a family where there were no girls, but only a boy.
  • Wast And now is there not Boaz our kinsman, with whose maidens thou wast?
  • What What was it he said?...
  • Won't "I say again, 'You won't go.
  • Wanda The talk naturally turned to the house where they had first met, and Wanda mentioned that her father and she were going to the reception given by the Orlays that evening.
  • Walt He'll be Pat's guest when he gets there, the same as Walt and myself, so he can't kick on that.
  • Wanna Just wanna marry Miss Dupont, stay here and learn at your feet.
  • wants She wants all the happiness you can give her-" "Well?"
  • wasn't He told himself that all wasn't lost.

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