What is the correct spelling for WAITH?

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Correct spellings for WAITH

  • bath I want to do a little finishing-work in the bath-room."
  • faith In lands far away a new faith had grown up, not like the Druids' faith.
  • kith The poor old soul stood almost alone in the world, having neither chick nor child, kith nor kin left to her, save one bad and dissipated nephew whom she had long since, by the advice of her master, cast off.
  • lath Ernest and Sherman were just preparing to rush up the ladder armed with villainous-looking battle-axes made out of old lath, when Alice halted them.
  • math If a child doesn't receive adequate math and science teaching by the age of 16, he or she has lost the chance to be a scientist or an engineer.
  • oath "You understand, Arthur, that for twenty years, under my sworn oath at the Palace of Justice, I could neither see you nor write to you.
  • path On the grass, close beside the path, there were ever so many boys and girls-at least she thought at first that they were boys and girls-dancing.
  • pith The pith of the Revolution up to 1790 was less the political constitution, of which Burke says so much, and so much that is true, than the social and economic transformation, of which he says so little.
  • swath "Well, well, my lad," Said Smith, "if he cuts a swath so wide I'll have him took re'glar up and tried!"
  • waif Instantly I knew you'd ask that girl to go with us there in the car-oh, simply in your kindness of heart to a waif.
  • wail Pray for me, but do not wail."
  • wain "But I know," said he, "that it has something to do with the Great Bear, and the Dipper, and the Plough, and Charles's Wain."
  • wait It was only a little while to wait now.
  • waiter Anglesea; but the head waiter could only repeat the message left with him by the colonel; and this, of course, threw no new light on the subject.
  • warmth Gradually the warmth increased; not in degree, but in the rate of its flow.
  • wart "I yike it," he said, "but I yike my wart better."
  • wash That is, when the temperature's high enough for him to wash the floor.
  • watch He had looked at his watch and seen that it was near two in the morning.
  • watt I remember how I gaped when I saw the 150 watt transmitter Bill had built.
  • waugh And on the 28th, it should seem, that the severities for the purpose aforesaid were inflicted, at least upon one of them; for the Assistant Resident, Johnson, did on that day write to Captain Waugh, the officer commanding the guard, the letter following, full of disgrace to the honor, justice, and humanity of the British nation.
  • wealth The wealth of the Rothschilds could not have bought it from him.
  • weigh Well let us weigh the possibilities, one against the other.
  • whit Messer Guido Cavalcanti, who was also there, he, too, was a poet, and a great poet, but it was not of him that Messer Simone spoke, and if it had been it would not have mattered, for Messer Guido would have cared no whit for what Messer Simone said of him or thought of him, and now as Simone spoke, Guido only stood there and laughed in his face, swaying gently with the laughter.
  • whither The family, with the addition of Mr. Foster, were gathered in the back parlor, whither she was in haste to join them.
  • width The doors were ten feet in width.
  • wish I wish I could do that.
  • wit Indeed from me it had been; but Barbara's wit had yet another answer.
  • witch Make a witch of me.
  • withe
  • wither
  • worth That would be a life worth the name!
  • worthy And he has no friend who is worthy of the name.
  • wraith King Trisanku A Wraith in the Mist The Three Kings Song: "Stay, Stay at Home, my Heart, and Rest."
  • wrath My wrath was now the master even of deadly sickness.
  • writhe He must writhe To hear I think Sir William is so young.
  • Hath "Why hath he not taken another to wife?
  • Saith Thus saith the king, 'Let not Hezekiah deceive you; for he will not be able to deliver you out of my hand.
  • With Do with me as you will."
  • Waite
  • Witt
  • Waits
  • dis-engaged

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