What is the correct spelling for WAKIN?

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Correct spellings for WAKIN

  • akin The story of the formation of a piece of chalk, the substance which lies at the basis of all life, the habits of sea animals, are all subjects the nature of which is akin to his own eager interest in the world.
  • awaken A conversation so interesting, in which a man of such uncommon merit was to be rejected by a woman who cannot deny him to be her superior, could not but awaken all the affections of the heart.
  • cain Our author points out very clearly the difference between Cain and Abel.
  • gain In his third year it was yet more necessary he should gain what money he could.
  • jain The minister having in this manner explained to the king the sentiments of his own mind, so brought him over to the Jain faith, that whatever he said, so the king did.
  • kin Or, lest a citizen through poverty Bring shame upon her honor, does it order That she be given to her next of kin To pass her life with him?
  • vain Nowadays, however, Irish girls expect to have a holiday every other Sunday afternoon and evening, and it would probably be vain to expect this service of them.
  • wagon Trying his best to look at ease, but making a poor job of it, Pete came to the wagon.
  • wain Swiftly her attendants prepared the wain and harnessed the mules.
  • wake Wake up, old pal.
  • waken Tread softly, lest others waken and learn to cry after us; for we in the blue moon have our sleep troubled by those who cry for a blue moon to return."
  • waking He took these drugs for sleep; suppose that sleep were to come-the long, long, restful sleep from which there is no waking here?
  • walking Walking wearily and with stiff footsteps he went to the stable, brought out his horse and rode across the plain to the great white church upon which the midnight moon was shining.
  • wan This morning, as I sat watching the wan countenance of my friend-his eyes half closed and his limbs hanging listlessly-I was roused by half a dozen of the sailors, who demanded admission into the cabin.
  • warn Then let this tale warn those boys and girls who read it.
  • waxing Ancient her beauty As the heart of man, Yet ever waxing fairer, Forever remaining young.
  • weaken They declined to countenance the revival of transportation, or, by discussing theories of secondary punishment, to weaken the moral claim held in the pledge of Earl Grey.
  • welkin Yet needes the earth must droope with visage sad, When siluer dewes been turn'd to bitter stormes, 20 The Cheerful Welkin, once in sables clad, Her frownes foretell poore humaine creatures harmes.
  • whacking It will take an hour or two to shift those whacking big stones.
  • win Do you hope to discover and win for yourself a loyal, profound, inexhaustible soul, loving and quick with life, faithful and powerful, unconstrained, free: generous, brave, and benevolent-if you know less well than this soul what all these qualities mean?
  • working He was working at the clustered columns about the window Biddy had chosen for her stained glass, and she did not take her eyes off him.
  • Awaking And the Paris which was thus awaking with the first flashes of the gas was already full of the gaiety of enjoyment, already yielding to an unbridled appetite for whatsoever may be purchased.
  • Wagging Then a third boy, who had charge of a kitchen garden, went away wagging his head and saying that he had just picked something that no living thing would eat.
  • Waging Intense emotion was stirring Guillaume; there was battle waging in both his brain and his heart.
  • wakens The carriage bumps against a stone, the ladies scream, Freddy, who had fallen asleep between the Baroness and Anastasia, wakens and asks in a piteous voice what is the matter; the general springs up, tries to take the reins from the driver, and roars as loud as his old lungs will permit, "Leskjewitsch!"
  • woken Tom visited the outside world once every hundred years or so in order to see whether Goliath and his clan had yet woken, and thus it was that he brought Goliath, Bronx and Elisa Maza to Avalon.
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