What is the correct spelling for WANEDT?

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Correct spellings for WANEDT

  • wand
  • wander But this had been quite an imprisonment to them; and now that the danger was not considered much, they were allowed to come down and play upon the grassy plain, or wander along the shore of the little lake.
  • want Oh, I want to do that!
  • wanted I wanted to be true to you."
  • weaned Such so-called leaders were said to be aided and abetted by "Democrats of the revenue stripe, who are not yet weaned from the flesh-pots of Egypt," and by Republican "goldbugs" who in desperation were seizing upon every straw to prevent fusion and so to promote their own chances of success.
  • wend
  • wind
  • winded
  • winder
  • winged
  • wonder
  • wont
  • wonted
  • wounded
  • Went
  • Vaunted
  • Waded I thought I could walk it, and so I mounted on it; but when I had got about the middle of the deep water, somehow or somehow else, it turned over, and in I went up to my head I waded out of this deep water, and went ahead till I came to the high-land, where I stop'd to pull off my wet clothes, and put on the others, which I had held up with my gun, above the water, when I fell in.
  • Waited
  • Waned
  • Warded It cannot be doubted that Great Britain has her busy emissaries throughout the states, and not a few amongst us; and should the Constitution be rejected, how long can we flatter ourselves to be free from Indian cruelties and depredations, some time since begun in Georgia, and if at this moment warded off from us, 'tis principally owing to the dread of an efficacious union of the states by the adoption of the Federal Constitution.
  • Warned
  • Wended This is the view when we have two forms, one with the vowel, and the other without it, as bended and bent, wended and went, plighted and plight.
  • Wends
  • Whined
  • Won't
  • Wanda
  • Wendy
  • Wendi
  • wanders
  • wands
  • wants
  • wadded
  • wined
  • anted
  • weened
  • cruddiest