What is the correct spelling for WANTEDA?

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Correct spellings for WANTEDA

  • canted It was his wont to wear his forage-cap far down over his forehead and canted very much over the right eye, while, contrary to the fashion of that day, his dark hair fell below the visor in a sweeping and decided "bang" almost to his eyebrows, which were thick, dark brown, and low-arched.
  • vented Hammond, 6; Ferry Hill, 1. Hadden vented his disgust by smashing his stick and had to have a new one.
  • wand Wherever a chapel is erected, the houses immediately, as if touched by the wand of magic, spring into existence.
  • wander "Oh," he said, "a man not burdened with money is now and then forced to wander .
  • want 6351. Do they want cash?
  • wanted Ye never knew why for that man wanted Richard, but I knew an' I never tell't ye.
  • wasted While he was alive he left me alone for months-it is horrible even to think about it-he made love to other women in my very presence, he wasted my money and made fun of my feelings-and in spite of everything I trusted him and was true to him.
  • weaned Many good calves are milked from the pail, and they thrive better after they are weaned ; but it will generally be found that the sure way to make first-class calves is to allow them to suckle.
  • winded After all the long-winded conferences and shorthand reports nothing is left but a confusion of blots on the tissue paper of time.
  • wonted She had always been fed on adoration, and she missed her wonted food-without the shadow of a guess that it was this she was missing.
  • Panted "You made it," he panted, as a man might who had been running hard.
  • Ranted Here Mr. Heron ranted and growled to his heart's content; and Ida learnt from his sanctimonious lips that only a small portion of mankind, his own sect, to wit, was bound for heaven, and that the rest of the world was doomed to another place, the horrors of which he appeared to revel in.
  • Vaunted After the coffee, uncle challenged her to keep her promise about brewing the South Sea Bowl, her vaunted knowledge of which, of course, had been mere brag.
  • Waded "The Stranger" has waded into the river, and brought the body to the shore; and now he, with "The Greybeard," a friend of the family, is in the old garden planted with willows.
  • Wafted Voices drifted to him-the sound of careless laughter, wafted by the light night wind.
  • Waited "You would have waited all night if it hadn't been for William.
  • Waned And the moon that had lighted the devoted young man to his fate-whatever it was to be-had waned and left the sky clear for a new one, on no account to be seen through glass.
  • Wantoned A lush, tropical splendor of vegetation, such as England never knew, heaped the woods and hung the road-side with sprays which grew and bloomed and wantoned, as if growth were a conscious joy, rather than blind obedience to a law.
  • Warned Remember you warned me against it.
  • Wended Thus throughout the rest of the night they wended steadily upward, only pausing now and then to allow the animals to breathe, and then on.
  • Wanda Wanda would have gained her end, if more time had been granted her in which to work on the men's minds; but, hasten hither as she might, she had only been able to obtain an advance of a few minutes on Waldemar.
  • wined Such enlightened languor, however, could by no happy chance be the lot of an important witness in a Western robbery trial, and I dined and wined with the jovial officers, at least talking no business.
  • anted

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