What is the correct spelling for WANTEDE?

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Correct spellings for WANTEDE

  • canted Fortunately he fell across the fore-topmast studding-sail tack, which broke two of his ribs and his fall, and thence he had gently canted over, and alighted upon the quarter-deck hammock-nettings, nearly knocked overboard the half-asleep main-topman who was perched up there as a look-out.
  • vented But, finding their prey had escaped, the would-be murderers vented their rage upon the saddles and pack-bags, tore them to shreds and threw them into the flames, and scattered into the fire as much of the provisions as was left after they had gorged themselves.
  • wand Nor was it a science to be had for the asking, 'for many were the wand -bearers and few the chosen.
  • wander But let us not wander too far from our course due north.
  • want 8195. Did you want money?
  • wanted I know what you wanted to tell me.
  • wasted Feelings of pity perhaps, but not of sympathy; and when we have no sympathy for the subject of a drama, the drama is wasted .
  • weaned Great care, therefore, must be taken by the breeder when his calves are weaned .
  • winded But then the thought came: they're returning Old Man Garson's big-winded threat.
  • wonted Mr. Justice Hill was the cause of the custom coming to a conclusion in 1858. He was travelling the circuit, and he communicated with the mayor saying, "owing to the delay occasioned, Her Majesty's judges would not stop at Ludlow to receive the wonted hospitality."
  • Panted "Say," he panted, "I've just seen Farmer Brown's boy."
  • Ranted Opposition met him, of course; not so much the ponderous laziness of Peter's time as an opposition, polite and elastic, which never ranted and never stood up-for then Nicholas would have throttled it and stamped upon it.
  • Vaunted The committee grew out of the discussion, in the year 1905, of the following proposition: To insure a race physically able to receive our vaunted free education, we must provide at school free meals, free eyeglasses, free medical and dental care.
  • Waded The thought of the curious little wild kindergarten occurred to me suddenly as I turned to the minnows again, and I waded across the river and hid in the bushes.
  • Wafted They, too, saw things very thin and shadowy, and were wafted about by the lightest breath of wind.
  • Waited You waited there last night too?
  • Wandered She wandered a moment about the cabin, then laughed for the second time.
  • Waned For some minutes after she had gone Ralph lay quiescent, resting his head on his hand, but gradually his eyes filled with thought, and the line reappeared on his brow, as the pleasant impression of companionship and ancient sympathy waned, and he was left to think on alone.
  • Wantoned Their cheeks were rosy and their necks and shapes swayed gracefully and their eyes wantoned.
  • Warned Yet the very girls who had warned her could never have been her intimate friends.
  • Wended So, following the grass-grown lane between the sections of wheat, she wended a reluctant way homeward.
  • Wintered The naval vessels which have wintered here disperse to their several stations at that season, and invalids return to England or elsewhere.
  • Wanda Wanda saw her worst fears confirmed; but she knew that by no word, no look must she betray her inward anxiety.
  • wined One or two motor parties had come out, dined sedately and wined moderately, and had gone back to the city again.
  • anted

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