What is the correct spelling for WANYT?

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Correct spellings for WANYT

  • ant This process is a very remarkable one, and the way the Ant brings his grain of earth in his mouth and drops it over the edge of the rising Ant -hill, irresistibly reminds one of a railway navvy who wheels his barrow full of earth and tilts it over the edge of the embankment upon which he is at work.
  • cant And what boots it to him, if, with all this cant and hypocrisy about the dignity and worth of his calling, he can sometimes hold his position only at the sacrifice of his self-respect?
  • kant Kant and Lessing, Goethe and Schiller and Heine-they all loved liberty and made it shine out in their work.
  • pant He walked quickly, so as not to get in after his wife, and the child could not keep up with him. He took him up and carried him, though it made him pant when he had to walk up the steep street.
  • rant The exasperated Colbert ended his rant with this "threat" against OBrien: "So back off of Mike Huckabee, or I will kick your translucent white ass!
  • vanity I did not doubt of success, and I confess that there was a certain amount of vanity in this assurance; but at the same time I was modest, for I knew that at the slightest slip the enterprise would miscarry.
  • vaunt While some vaunt the faradic, others prefer the galvanic current in its treatment.
  • vent Then drive the vent -spile tight.
  • waft Nature helped him, however; for a waft of summer wind coming in at that moment, swung the rose-branches that clustered round the window, and flung some of their white petals on her head.
  • wait Wait till next Fourth o' July!
  • walnut The present Walnut was first called Pool Street; Chestnut was called Winn Street; and Market was called High Street.
  • wan And next morning when she came down to meet us her face was wan and weary, but it wore the peace of victory and a glory not of earth.
  • wand Blind Man's Wand Here the blind man has a stick, one end of which is grasped by the other players in turn.
  • wander They have bought back Loreng, and they wander about through the great light rooms once more, and all is peace and happiness.
  • wane Lady Blandish dried her tears as she knelt, and then joined him, and glanced up silently at Richard's moon standing in wane toward the West.
  • wanly She went on wanly smiling reassurance at him, as one who should say, "I am not to be considered," till he schooled his voice to answer.
  • want But didn't your father ever want to go back?
  • wart The selection of ten miles square for the seat of government appeared to me at the time, and has continued, an excrescence on the Constitution, like a wart on a fair skin.
  • warty They are subsessile and irregular in shape, with a hard outer skin, the larger form of a yellowish or greenish brown hue, and covered with large warts or scales, the smaller very minutely warty , and of a darker brown hue. The internal mass is of a bluish-black hue, threaded through with white or greyish flocci.
  • watt Our intention, says Watt , was, if possible, to discover whether the reverberating sound of thunder was due to echoes or to successive explosions.
  • wayne Captain Wayne , of the Confederate Army.
  • weaned "Maybe you were playing lookout for the bunch," he said, "and then again, maybe you ain't hooked up with a family; though from the looks, you ain't weaned your pups yet-till just now."
  • wend Nevertheless it was a habit of mine to wend my way to the summit every morning immediately after breakfast, in order to take a good look round on the chance of a sail being in sight; and I repeated the excursion daily after our midday meal, collecting a load of combustibles on my way and carrying them up with me, in order that in any case my journey might not be quite useless.
  • wind Sorry you didn't let me wind it?
  • windy He explained that he had been riding home from Brentor on a dark windy night, and had been suddenly attacked, dragged off his horse, and stunned by a blow on the head.
  • winy
  • wont
  • Can't But it can't be truly said that we sent him about his business,-to use your expression, which strikes me as indecorous,-for he never came to the house but once, and made no offer; neither did Minard junior or Phellion junior, for that matter.
  • Went Besides, it was nearly time-he went downstairs....
  • Waned But the night waned: one after another the moon and stars set and day began to break in the east; the birds waking in their nests overhead grew clamorous with joy, yet their notes seemed to contain a warning tone for him, bidding him begone ere the coming of the light hated by those whose deeds are evil.
  • Wang Wang the Ninth coloured with rage.
  • Warned The reward, were the Jaimihr-sahib warned in time, would be a great one.
  • Wast Thou wast not churlish; thou wast not jealous; thou wast not a sluggard.
  • Won't
  • Wanda And once there, to Wanda in her hunting costume and with her knowledge of tree climbing, the rest of the way, from limb to limb, might be difficult but would certainly not be impossible or fraught with unaccustomed danger.
  • Wendy Michael believed longer than the other boys, though they jeered at him; so he was with Wendy when Peter came for her at the end of the first year.
  • Walt Don't you know it, Walt ?"
  • Wanna "You mean you don't wanna appear in the deal a-tall," sneered his companion.
  • wands So the heavy figure was thrust into a corner, and the men went on tapping with their wands .
  • wants I'll soon find out what he wants ."
  • wasn't It was just here, wasn't it?
  • mayn't Mayn't we bring 'em in here?"

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