What is the correct spelling for WAREN?

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Correct spellings for WAREN

  • arena Now that we know that a living organism is but the arena for the transformation of energy, we may hope to reproduce the elementary phenomena of life, by calling into play a similar transformation of energy in a suitable medium.
  • karen "Karen exclaimed," Miss Lee said slowly, "that some one was sitting on the companion steps?"
  • wain "Why, Charles' Wain moves," answered Tommy; "I had a mind to take one peep at the sky before I went to bed, and I see that all the seven stars have moved from their places a great way higher up the sky."
  • waken Oh, have you forgotten what it felt like to waken up and remember it was Christmas morning?
  • wan Yet Driscoll remembered most how wan, how hungry, they looked.
  • wane She howled consistently at each of his first half-dozen advances; his courage began to wane with shocking rapidity; his next half-hearted advances were in reality inglorious retreats.
  • warden Warden told him when he left he hadn't had no better man in the prison since he had been 'p'inted.
  • ware He was in the distant ware-room completing the last night's work before the regular shop hours began; before breakfast, also, that his wife might not find him waiting and impatient.
  • wares Then she came to a corner of the fair where a Cheap Jack was crying his wares.
  • warn She must warn Peter somehow.
  • warner Henry Warner never broke his word, and henceforth Maggie Miller was as safe with him as if she had been an only and well-beloved sister.
  • warren "I am afraid I never shall, Mr. Warren.
  • warring As a result the warring countries will find themselves confronted with a new and difficult problem when peace comes and normal times are again established.
  • wary Angelo had been careful to tie up his clothes in a bundle; there was nothing for the innkeeper to see, save a young man in bed, who had a terrible weapon near his hand, and a look in his eyes of wary indolence that counselled prudent dealings.
  • wayne Pendleton was just about to cry out "General Wayne," when the stick fell from his friend's hand, the canvas dropping to its former position.
  • wearer Of course a first-class tailor had cut a coat and skirt with a fit and hang like that; and the small hat, if it had nothing Parisian about it, anyhow suited the wearer and dress to perfection.
  • wearing She sat on his knee now and put the cloak she was wearing, thin and poor enough in itself, round his neck.
  • wen And wen I said that to 'im I see 'is jaw drop!
  • when Come to me when you want to go."
  • wherein Wherein is the union among the human stock, on the Southern plantations, regarded as more sacred and lasting than the union among the brute stock?
  • whereon I reassured her, and promised to keep the secret, whereon she opened the door, and after I had given her a louis, fled in some confusion.
  • wire It might be useful to have a look at the wire as well."
  • worn She is not very strong, and watching has quite worn her out."
  • wren A small bird, not much bigger than a wren, flits about the houses as our sparrows.
  • Wore We may escape-we may get away to-night-" He paused and looked hurriedly toward the door, for some one was coming up the stairs-some one who wore sabots.
  • Ween I ween their hearts did tell them what would hap.
  • Were I see that you were right-right, right.
  • Daren
  • Waring
  • Warrens
  • weren't
  • warier
  • we're We're all as good as dead!
  • geoscientist
  • milliamp