What is the correct spelling for WAREY?

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Correct spellings for WAREY

  • are Stubbins, are you there?
  • aware Robert Kater raised himself, looking in the eyes of his friend, and took the bank notes as if he were not aware what they really might be.
  • awry With an effort that set his face awry , he straightened it.
  • vary I knew they might vary .
  • very "Very well," he said.
  • war It did mean war .
  • ware Then, accompanied by Lady De La Ware and Uttamatomakkin, she left the audience chamber.
  • wares The newsagent's clerk, when arranging his wares that morning, had had what he felt to be an unusually bright idea.
  • warily Then they circled, warily .
  • warren Her son Warren knew that this walk was of the nature of an orgie.
  • warty Each mountain top and side was studded with enormous needle-like pinnacles and rough warty masses.
  • wary And as to young men, my advice is, they be wary in their choice, since there is as much danger in choosing of a wife as a husband: wherefore, all young men, take my advice: choose not one with a long nose, a scolding brow, and thin lips, for in such there is great danger.
  • watery Watery eyes and a red nose, the worst enemy of beauty there is.
  • way "You must not come out of your way ," she said.
  • wearer Since that time I am inclined to believe that it was the wearer and not the garment which haunted the dreams of my youth.
  • weary I was weary ; I had not thought.
  • where Where then can he be?
  • wherry Prudy'd like it just as well as I do, if she was in here, and knew 'twas a wherry .
  • whey An' whey we gwine to set de dinner table, w'en de dinin' room is all took up long ob de weddin' feas' spread out on dat yonder stension table?
  • wire The wire should be 3 feet high at the least.
  • wiry There was a new clerk on duty when Hall reached the hotel, a wiry man of forty-odd whose yellow silk shirt clashed with both his black mohair jacket and his long, lined face.
  • worry Go back to sleep and don't worry .
  • wry Nasmyth was silent for several moments; then he turned to the other two men with a wry smile.
  • Warred He preached no heresies, promised no future rewards, nor warred he against church or kingdom.
  • Wore Though I shall always say that it was a joke that wore well.
  • Were 7051. For whom did you fish when you were at it?
  • Carey Baron Hague, Sir Leopold Jesson, and Mr. Rohscheimer, my agents have orders, which only I can recall to bring you to Carey Street.
  • wearier She would tell him where Maggie was gone, and he, if his love could survive that shock, would follow her thither; nay, would be there that very day, and Maggie's heart grew wearier , fainter, as time wore on and he did not come.
  • warier He clasped the child to his bosom, and rising forthwith set out, but with warier steps than heretofore, over the rocks for the Seaton.
  • we're "We're the best of friends now," said Doggie.
  • who're As a security measure only Captain Moggs and enlisted personnel without classified information, and the police who're hunting for Fran, are allowed to talk to them.

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