What is the correct spelling for WARFIN?

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Correct spellings for WARFIN

  • fain Men can still laugh though there is one up here whose heart would fain stand still.
  • fin But not finding wood and iron to its taste, it went away for a while, although I saw its fin from time to time for the space of some hours.
  • vain I watched, however, in vain.
  • waif Some hours later, when the police communicated with the Superintendent, and when he found that a woman had come to the door who said that she knew the waif, and had been sent away, he called the orderly who had been on duty several hard names in his heart for having followed the rule of the hospital so scrupulously.
  • wain He had slept on the open hillside more than once, and it was a clear night; he could see Arthur's Wain shining among the other stars, and hear the horses, not far away, contentedly champing their grain.
  • wan But there's wan good thing about it.
  • warden He didn't think it much of an adventure after Una and Warden Forest.
  • warming But all this time the live coals had been warming his soul.
  • warn I warn you, my child, against that man.
  • warning I give you full warning.
  • warping Note that the person speaking thus is a painter endowed with an unusual visual memory; but recent investigations have shown that among men generally the so-called complete and exact images undergo change and warping.
  • warren There's a gentleman on the third floor front, a Mr. Warren.
  • warring There were not even the voices of warring dogs to greet him, and yield him excuse to vent the impatience of his mood.
  • waving She'd never go-" Then Peter came forward from the wall, muttering, waving his hands at her-"It's you!
  • wearing It was a woman's voice, but it came from a figure wearing a man's hat and coat.
  • weaving And, as before, he made a dress in the fashion the Princess chose, of the finest weaving.
  • wharf There was no wharf, but all Ned cared for was that he saw no surf, and he felt better than he had at any moment since leaving the Goshhawk.
  • win It might be the best way to win my mother over, and so on.
  • worn The new strangeness of being husband and wife had worn away a little from both of them.
  • Dwarfing It was indeed a crisis dwarfing the other she had met.
  • Wafting The flower girls who had been early to les Halles came up the rue Royale one morning with baskets full of violets, so that all the street was perfumed as though great ladies were passing and wafting scent in their wake.
  • Waiving Senator Warren, to whom he had brought letters from mutual friends in the North, had insisted upon his waiving the formality of a first call.
  • Warding This ease in warding off external attack had its most marked effect upon the internal polity of the nation.
  • Marvin Putney sat down, and Colonel Marvin rose to say that if a vote was to be taken, it was only right and just that Mr. Peck should somehow be heard in his own behalf, and half a dozen voices from all parts of the church supported him Mr. Peck, after a moment, said, "I think I have nothing to say;" and he added, "Shall I put the question?"
  • Waring She was chagrined to learn that she had been discomposed not by 'a too exuberant financier,' as she had surmised, but by, as "Waring" called Browning, the "subtlest assertor of the Soul in song."
  • waifs Rather pale, thin little waifs.
  • AFN
  • waffling
  • barfing
  • become ratified
  • in-sociable
  • most fairspoken
  • moundbuilder
  • image-maker