What is the correct spelling for WARKS?

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Correct spellings for WARKS

  • marks
  • parks One Sunday afternoon in the middle of February-St. Valentine's Eve, to be precise-when the snowdrops drift in myriads across the London parks , Jenny went to pay her farewell visit.
  • wages I brought you ten dollars-it is all I have left of last month's wages , but it will help a little, won't it?"
  • wake Like when you wake up knowing you've had a dream, but you can't remember any of it?
  • wares At the bottom of Duke Street, by Charing Cross Station, the newsboy was shouting his wares .
  • wax I am wool-gathering at the moment and lay my whole hand on the Gemoreh, wax on all the five fingers.
  • works The morning works slowly through the mind to take the place of the night.
  • Was Well, I was not.
  • Wars Troopers fight the wars.
  • Warts Warts are either better left alone or removed by a physician with the high-frequency spark or some other reliable method.
  • warps It curdles the intelligence and warps the reasoning faculties.
  • wears "No, but I may well look so, for the expectation of happiness wears me out.
  • wags If, at her approach, a-feathered-person steals away to the top of the highest, most distant oak within sight and, silent and motionless, keeps his eye on her till she departs; if, as she innocently glances up at the trees, she discovers a second-feathered-person's head extended cautiously from behind a trunk, its eyes fixed on hers; or if, as she passes along a-sycamore-street, a person comes to a window and cranes his neck to look at her, and instantly leaves the premises; then surely, as the world wags , she is quite justified in having a mind of her own in the matter.
  • warns At the opening of the session of Congress, on the 3d of December, 1841, Mr. Adams thus wrote concerning his own course and the country's prospects: "Between the obligation to discharge my duty to the country and the obvious impossibility of accomplishing anything for the improvement of its condition by legislation, my deliberate judgment warns me to a systematic adherence to inaction upon all the controverted topics which cannot fail to be brought into debate.
  • wakes My father may wish for something when he wakes up."
  • workers If regularly engaged as time-workers, they made themselves easy in the prospect of wages that allowed them to sleep under a roof and eat at certain intervals of the day; if employed on piece-work they might at any moment find themselves wageless, but this, being a familiar state of things, did not trouble them.
  • weeks
  • jars It is not a pleasant story, and it jars on a conscience in which the memory of the Gospel teaching is fresh and vivid.
  • barks Presently he gave forth one of his loud cheery barks , and off he bounded after a creature which had come out of the hollow of a tree.
  • larks From the gorse on cliff and headland, one by one the larks shot skyward like amber rockets, trailing a shower of melody till the whole sky rained song.
  • walks
  • cars
  • wards
  • warms
  • whacks
  • wagers Assizes after assizes the same thing happened, until at length wagers were held that no such bill would be found, and no one was found to accept them.
  • GARS
  • VARS
  • wicks
  • wracks
  • Wikis
  • harks
  • actuations
  • adrenalizing
  • adscriptions
  • ageold
  • almspeople
  • antithesize
  • dis-guise
  • un-assured
  • aerodynamicist
  • educrat

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