What is the correct spelling for WAT?

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Correct spellings for WAT

  • at He is at the Sacro Speco." 'Cause I know what you're getting at And I've been there and done that – Been There Done That by Hedley
  • bat When he reached the little office which opened from the lounging room, the red-haired boy further informed Bat : "It's a lady, and she sounds like she was in a hurry." So when I stood in line for my turn at bat I found that wasn't where they wanted me at – Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me by George Jones
  • cat She opened her arms; the cat sprang to the doorstep and vanished. Lydia, Lydia hid her thoughts like a cat Behind her small eyes sunk deep in her fat – Donald and Lydia by John Prine
  • dat "Dat journee make me forget.
  • eat I can't eat any tea if you don't tell me-really I can't!" And sometimes there's nothing to eat But I always land on my feet – High Times, Hard Times by Unknown Author
  • fat They will have their wits again, and that very fat Stoobar will be supplied with powder. Without a mind of its own, diseased and fat I can't let my life go out like that – Cornered by biohazard
  • hat It'll take a lot of work I tell you-we're going to charge ten cents a hat ." Is a mutch, and on that A shocking bad hat, – Hand of Glory, The : The Nurse's Story by Richard Harris Barham
  • lat The Bay of Vohemaro is on the east side of the island, in lat .
  • mat On arriving at the house we found Romata sitting on a mat , in the midst of a number of large bales of native cloth and other articles, which had been brought to him as presents from time to time by inferior chiefs. All I got to do is Tat Bet I hit my target like a fucken Dart mat – I'm A Beast by lil wayne
  • oat Ran straight through Lancaster, which was almost a pity, as John o' Gaunt's Castle is a brave old fortress, whether or no he really built the famous tower; and at the King's Arms we might have got some genuine oat -cakes, which would have given a taste of Cumberland to the strangers.
  • pat Tell the Major you are sorry, Pat , and I'll shake hands and say no more."
  • rat He was a prisoner, caught like a rat in a trap, and he knew it!
  • sat Lady Holme sat looking at him for a moment in silence.
  • swat They take up an apparently respectable old bat, swing it around, feel its weight, hit the ground with it, and just when you think that the bat in self-defense will swat them one they throw it down in disgust.
  • tat Aber, o Tat , die allein der Allbarmherzige kennet, Darf aus dunkler Ferne sich auch dir nahn die Dichtkunst?
  • vat You escape-ach, vat iss dis?"
  • wa You'll wa -ant a preshent for the young la-ady.
  • wad No-dear sirce, what wad I no do for a snuff?"
  • waft Excuse me, my child, I know a zephyr could waft us away.
  • wag But Silverius showed that he wag no unworthy adversary of the Prefect and the hero of Byzantium.
  • wait Wait a bit, I'll tell you!
  • wan Enough that ere the daylight broke upon that wan March morning, the only Doones still left alive were the Counsellor and Carver.
  • want Want me to tell you?
  • war I got that in the last war .
  • wart Imitate then, with discernment and judgment, the real perfections of the good company into which you may get; copy their politeness, their carriage, their address, and the easy and well-bred turn of their conversation; but remember that, let them shine ever so bright, their vices, if they have any, are so many spots which you would no more imitate, than you would make an artificial wart upon your face, because some very handsome man had the misfortune to have a natural one upon his: but, on the contrary, think how much handsomer he would have been without it.
  • wats They exist in just about every part of the Buddhist world, from the Wats in Thailand to the Tibetan Buddhist temples in India and Tibet.
  • watt The British had 51 killed and 283 wounded; the greatest number of casualties in one ship being 56. Singularly enough, in such a small list of deaths, three were commanding officers: Captains Watt of the Sultan, Wood of the Worcester, and Lumley of the Isis.
  • wax I remember to this day the colored wax statue which represented Pertinax so exactly that it might have been himself risen from the grave.
  • way Now he must find his way out.
  • wet It was lying on the wet grass where it had fallen.
  • wit Also, sister, meseemeth ye might have done me to wit of his coming, and then an I had not done well to him ye might have blamed me.
  • Was It was that of Geisler.
  • Nat Nat tried to close with him, but the mate stopped that.
  • Wast Indeed, to the oath that thou swor'st thou wast true."
  • Wot Wot did you say, Henery?"
  • What Asked the king, "What is that?"
  • Wac The 1988 San Diego State Aztecs football team represented San Diego State University during the 1988 NCAA Division I-A football season as a member of the Western Athletic Conference (WAC).
  • Walt Her Walt uttered a guttural greeting in the Taal, and displayed uncared-for and moss-grown teeth in the smile that Emigration Jane found strangely fascinating.
  • WT A diagnostic feature of EH chondrites is that the Fe-Ni metal contains ~3 wt% elemental silicon.

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