What is the correct spelling for WATNED?

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Correct spellings for WATNED

  • darned Darned if that buck wa'n't blind-stone blind-blind 's a bat!
  • tanned Not so with the weather-tanned husky of the Northwestern woods. You called me beautiful, you called your mother, she was very tanned So you packed your tent and you went to live out in the Arizona sand – Rainy Night House by Joni Mitchell
  • wand Less than thirty years elapsed and the wand of the magician had changed the scene. Malt doch nicht immer Den teufel an die wand Euer ewiges gewimmer Kostet den verstand – Hau Ruck by KMFDM
  • wanted My wife wanted me in London." And the only thing they wanted When the kryptonite is gone We started smoking supersonic If you got money to pay – This Joint by slightly stoopid
  • watered The position of this welcome watered spot was in latitude 24 degrees 33', and longitude 123 degrees 57'.
  • weaned But as you please; I am weaned from wishing to know things that are concealed from me.
  • whatnot My land alive, didn't you ever hear of whatnot ?
  • whitened Her face had whitened ; the misery had come into her eyes again.
  • wonted Frost at once resumed his wonted gravity.
  • Atoned When "Mac" and his fellow dynamiters were sentenced to twenty years apiece, Peter felt that he had atoned for all his sins, and he ventured timidly to point out to McGivney that the cost of living was going up all the time, and that he had kept his promise not to wink at a woman for six months.
  • Dawned Then it dawned on her that she was standing in her bedroom.
  • Vatted If vatted wine in dark cellars turns in its bed and mutters seethingly at this time, in a mysterious, intuitive sympathy with the blossoming grape, a man free and above ground, with eyes to behold that miracle, may hardly hope to escape an answering thrill to its call.
  • Waded The dog waded by its side, and often looked up at his master, as though begging him to turn back.
  • Waited I jes' waited for him to do anythin' he wanted to me.
  • Wakened Miss Lane had not wakened, but every one else had and the hall was full of people.
  • Waned For him, her beauty and her charm never waned, and to the day of his death, which occurred some three years before my story opens, he had regarded her as a most precious possession, to be gazed at, caressed and guarded, if hardly to be depended on.
  • Wantoned Giant oaks cast their huge limbs abroad, and entwined in matrimonial love with the silver beech; timid deer with their fawns wantoned in the shade beneath, or wild swine munched the acorns.
  • Warded He loved her so-this poor child-he would have warded off all unhappiness, all trouble from her life; and there she sat miserable before him, and it seemed to him he could not raise a finger to help her.
  • Warned "Hold on now," warned Parker; "mind what you're sayin'."
  • Wattled Inside it was seen to be constructed of the branches of trees, twisted together or wattled, the interstices, or rather the whole surface, being covered with clay.
  • Whined The dog whined, then barked.
  • Widened Instantly the circle widened.
  • Witted Perhaps, half-witted as she had been, this was in reality her life, not the other that for sixty years she had been visibly living.
  • wadded By the end of a week his garments were wadded with bank notes whose value amounted to a sum so stupendous as to be beyond need of computation.
  • wined
  • weened Sir, said Sir Tristram, now I let you wit, so God me help, I weened ye had been Sir Launcelot du Lake when I saw you first, and therefore I dread you the more; and sir, I promise you, said Sir Tristram, as soon as I may I will see Sir Launcelot and in fellowship me with him; for of all the knights of the world I most desire his fellowship.

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