What is the correct spelling for WAWING?

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Correct spellings for WAWING

  • Cawing Then, with a great rush and clatter, the crows follow, some swift old scout keeping close to the owl and screaming all the way to guide the whole cawing rabble.
  • Cowing
  • dis-inherits
  • Ewing
  • Hawing He had just seated himself and was mopping his perspiring brow when Henley rose and stood hemming and hawing and clearing his throat.
  • Hewing He sees the town as they fire it together: the rush for the gates: the slashing, the hewing, the blood hissing and frying on the iron gloves.
  • Jawing You won't want to speak to me of course, but when Ralston started jawing about you this afternoon, I found-I found-" he choked suddenly-"I couldn't stand it any longer," he said in a strangled whisper.
  • Lowing When the selling for the day was over, the beasts that had come down from the hills were driven out along the Rane road, and got under Way for the northern markets; but sometimes they were left in the yards, lowing and bellowing all night, while the stockmen who were going to take charge of them spent the evening at the Black Bull, or Mrs. Mary Ann's.
  • Mewing The next morning, however, she was found in the room of death, creeping slowly about, and mewing piteously.
  • Pawing As we approached they began pawing on the ground, sticking out their tails and looking anything but amiable.
  • Sawing "Shocking white about the gills," said the hearty man standing over her, cup in hand and see-sawing on his toes and heels because his boots creaked and it gave him a vague pleasure to make them go on doing it.
  • thawing So Paul, who had been on the verge of thawing a little, had frozen up again.
  • Vowing The Judge, holding tightly to Stephen, pushed his way fiercely to the stand, vowing over and over that the commotion was a secession trick to spoil the furniture and stampede the sale.
  • wadding Besides that, it had the mud of three counties plastered inside and out, and the upholstery showed sizable patches of cotton wadding.
  • Wagging "But you English sailors," said he, wagging his head and regarding me with a great deal of wildness in his eye, "speak of yourselves as the finest seamen in the world.
  • Waging "Omnipotence," replied the just minister, "if this person is deficient in the more supple graces of your illustrious Court it is because the greater part of his life has been spent in waging your wars in uncivilized regions.
  • Waiving Waiving this again, we note that the theories of independent creation and of natural selection are contrasted, as though they were the only two alternatives; knowing the two alternatives to be independent creation and descent with modification, we naturally took natural selection to mean descent with modification.
  • waxing "Strong as a lion," said Lalage, waxing enthusiastic.
  • waxwing Besides, the waxwing has an uncommon appreciation of the decorous; at least, we must think so if we are able to credit a story of Nuttall's.
  • Whaling Did the ships not go to the whaling?
  • wising
  • Wiving
  • wowing
  • Yawing