What is the correct spelling for WAWNT?

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Correct spellings for WAWNT

  • ant It was here that I realized my good fortune and the achievement of my desires, when I first saw an army ant at rest.
  • aunt He was happy now, and he forgot as he came out into the garden that he had promised his aunt that he would go in and see his mother for a few minutes.
  • cant Nevertheless the work at Varese is for the most part able; if at times somewhat boisterous and ranting, it is incomparably above the feeble, silly cant of Orta; but unfortunately it is by Orta that English people for the most part judge the attempt to combine sculpture and painting.
  • kant Unless he gets something good, it seems to me that we ought to get him for a course in Kant .
  • pant Jane could only cling to her garment, pant hysterically, repeat the same words of entreaty again and again.
  • rant "I must really protest against this rant , Hawkehurst," said Philip Sheldon.
  • vaunt But I am foolish to vaunt myself; yet I say it not from any pride, but because I wish to comfort you.
  • vent Wanda sank down on one of the large fragments of stone strewn beneath the beeches, and gave vent to an outburst of passionate grief.
  • waft He gathers men round His Person, and assures us that He holds the key to life; that if He admits us, words of exclusion pronounced by others are but idle breath; that if He excludes us, the approval and applause of a world will not waft us in.
  • wain Some of these rhymes had been carved there by my grandfather, for example these lines: "By horse and wain I've journeyed up and down, Yet found no match for this my native town."
  • wait It can wait for a day.
  • walnut "She was cracked like a walnut ," Colley said; "and the captain's heart was broken-that's why he said he would die with her."
  • wan I'd like to go in wan .
  • wand Because he would see himself as having hurt you where he sought only to be a loving magician with a wand of kindness, and I'm not the man to injure him like that.
  • wane As the stars waxed and began at last to wane and the sky brightened, as the still thin air grew colder at the first promises of another day, they discussed the matter quietly.
  • want What do you want wi' me?
  • warn If I know, then I can warn the Crown-Prince.
  • wart In a fortnight I had a wart on my finger which soon became large, and I then applied the blood of it to my neck.
  • watt The famous Boulton and Watt , who are at the head of the plated manufactures of Birmingham, the steam mills of London, copying presses and other mechanical works, have been here.
  • wayne Of course, it was the most natural thing in the world that Mr. Wayne should fall in love with Mrs. Verdon.
  • wend It was my home but yesterday; now toward the city I wend my way; to the darkness of night I've resigned me.
  • wind In less than an hour the wind fell very light.
  • wont "You don't look at it from their point of view," replied Mrs. Sherrard, with more patience than was her wont .
  • Ain't Oh, well, I'm gwi' do it; ain't you hear me say I'm gwine do it?
  • Can't "I can't," she said.
  • Went "On the other hand," he went on, "maybe you should see it.
  • Waned As the afternoon waned Nance left home, for Nurse Marion had invited her to tea in her little room.
  • Wang Without turning round, the Oriental sang to him in a top-storey voice:- "Lu-wang Kah Chek-tho, chiu-si.
  • Warned O'Day was not in ignorance of this for Coslowski had warned him.
  • Wast Thou wast sitting Under the orange-trees, beside a fountain.
  • Won't You won't be here long."
  • Wanda He stopped, startled; then he realized that Wanda Malone's hair was not red.
  • Walt "It's up to us to get somewhere where there is water pretty quick," put in Walt Phelps; "the last time I hit the little drinking canteen I noticed that there wasn't an awful lot left in the others."
  • Wanna "If I wanna stay here, that's my business!
  • wants But he wants she."
  • wasn't I wasn't thinking of that."

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