What is the correct spelling for WAYTHE?

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Correct spellings for WAYTHE

  • bathe "Bathe the child," said Everhard; "I will now leave you for half an hour; bathe the child as we did yesterday, and let it drink some milk which you can now get fresh from the cow.
  • lathe He is a poor, sickly creature, fond of his lathe they say, and he seemed very anxious to know about my boots and breeches.
  • scythe It is much better for thee to lose thy scythe than to mar us all.
  • swath Add culture and ease to her and she'll mow a wide swath , largely without knowing it, for the girl is incapable of vanity.
  • swathe Gay turbans swathe the stately heads, and the golden filagree of barbaric breastplates, heavy earrings, and broad armlets, lights up the shadowy gloom of stone galleries and al fresco stalls, beneath the drooping boughs of ancient waringen-trees.
  • warmth The object was apparently to catch the warmth of the sun.
  • watch But let not love suppose that to watch is to do nothing.
  • watcher Whereupon his watcher gave a little snort and opened his eyes, round, blue, and innocent as a child's.
  • water How is that water called?
  • way There's no way out of it!
  • wayne But Wayne won't charge you more than half what an hotel will; and if you don't mind it being a bit rough, you can't do better than go there.
  • wealth Sometimes I think he might have been jealous of me because I had the Oxford training, and wished me to feel that wealth was a greater thing to have.
  • weather The weather was splendid.
  • whither Young Martin arose and stole noiselessly from the room, he scarcely knew whither ; he indeed cared not which way he turned.
  • withe He was a sneezer that, and when he flourished his great long withe of a whip stick, that looked like a fishin' rod, over his head, and yelled like all possessed, he was a caution, that's a fact.
  • wither On the other hand compensation says that if a man is too much in solitude, or the plant too much in darkness, they will wither and die.
  • worth Once more she found life worth living....
  • worthy She wondered, too, if there were any way in which she might show Marjorie her affection and gratitude, and she made a solemn resolve that if that time came she would prove herself worthy of Marjorie Dean's friendship.
  • wrath Great men do not fear the wrath of enemies if they can be secured against the indifference and contempt of friends; and Moses in particular was at last persuaded to undertake his mission by the promise of the support of Aaron.
  • wreathe She began to deck her person with unusual care; and bringing forth a basket of artificial flowers, she went to work to wreathe a bridal chaplet of white roses.
  • writhe Should the omen be adverse, how would my heart writhe .
  • wyeth Illustrated by Andrew Wyeth .
  • The The girl turned a radiant face upon her mother.
  • Whether Not until she called Stas and received no reply from him, did she go out to see whether he was not already seated on the camels.
  • With Is Jane with Richard?
  • Withed Now Spurrier set the framed picture on the table at the center of the room and it seemed to look out from that point of vantage with the amused indulgence of well-bred condescension upon the Spartan simplicity of his house-the rough table and hickory-withed chairs, the cot spread with its gray army blanket.
  • Waite Only after expensive litigation could Receiver Waite hope to add insurance and bond money to the assets.
  • withes Lincoln opened it, or rather he had his hand on the hasp of twisted withes which secured it, when he was suddenly arrested by the apparition of a girl, who flashed around the curve of young birch beyond and stood before him with panting breath and quivering lips.
  • airheads
  • anti-pernicious-anaemia
  • man's

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