What is the correct spelling for WBEEN?

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Correct spellings for WBEEN

  • ban Then why should you expect Rome to place its ban upon your book?
  • bane A false literary ambition, born of a false system of education, was the bane of Roman culture for many ages.
  • barn One night, about ten o'clock, our English servant burst into the sitting-room with-"Sir, sir, bring your gun; here's a heagle come down on to the roof of the barn!"
  • bean "Well, you needn't let my husband's coming hurry you off," Mrs. Henley answered, as she reached out to a bean-pole and bore down on it that she might fasten it more firmly in the soil, and it was impossible to judge whether there was resentment in the tone.
  • bee We told him of our meeting with the two bee-hunters.
  • beef Take some slices of cold roast beef that has been under-done.
  • beep She shuffled to the door, and Lilly reached for her hat, on which she must have beep lying, for it was more out of shape than ever.
  • beer Many of the men obtain a more than liberal amount of beer, while the women scarcely get any at all.
  • beet She was white one minute an' red as a beet de nex'.
  • being "Get used, as soon as you can, to being called Carfora.
  • ben It's that divil, Ben Green!
  • benny She told them that she was tired out; business had been good, and if Benny would only quit drinking and play more popular music, why, she wouldn't complain!
  • bern 11. Apprehensive for his own safety and that of his family, Governor Martin at once made preparations for leaving New Bern.
  • bin I could 'a' stood two or three more goes at it, and bin none the worse."
  • bone 7. How are the limbs fastened to the body and back bone?
  • bonn It was indeed gratifying to see British soldiers quartered in Bonn University, that home of "kultur" where the late Kaiser Wilhelm was educated.
  • boon But he has denied your boon, my Ellenor!
  • born I am a born 'rotter.
  • bun Just then Flora came running up to the carriage door with a huge Bath bun in her hand.
  • burn But we won't burn!"
  • e'en "She is mine now," thought I, "so we must e'en make the best of it; and truly she is a very handsome girl, though not a Lady Jane Callonby.
  • keen Mooween's ears are quick, and his nose very keen.
  • peen "Her own pipes has peen in her own family for five or six chenerations at least," said Duncan.
  • seen What had you seen?
  • teen You and the teen-agers and the warehouse happened.
  • wean Then, as to his life, it really rests with you to wean him in every way from his present pursuits.
  • weeny He is much larger and thicker than Teeny Weeny and has a shorter tail.
  • wen Wen we got to Jarsey City, the people wanted the Kernel to make a speech.
  • when 4125. When was that?
  • wren How it happened nobody knows, but it did happen that when Peter Rabbit came home to the clear Old Briar-patch, bringing Mrs. Peter with him, Jenny Wren didn't hear about it.
  • Been 7031. Have you been asked to do so?
  • Ween 34. On each other then they looked before they parted: then, I ween, their fates were severed, and their ways divided.
  • Eben "Oh, no, she isn't, Eben," answered Melody, cheerfully.
  • Bees "We're all as friendly as bees, Mr Terence.