What is the correct spelling for WEAKED?

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Correct spellings for WEAKED

  • baked It should Stand in the pan two or three hours to rise; and be baked about three quarters of an hour, if the pan is a common sized bread-pan.
  • beaked Heavy brows hung over cold green eyes, and a beaked eagle nose dominated a small grey moustache, which did not hide a pair of firm, thin lips.
  • peaked And when the sun peaked over the top of Graveyard Hill and painted the tombstones below with its fresh new light and showed the gray frost of the autumn morning spread over the lonesome, bleak fields, and finally cast its cheery light upon the tiny, isolated home, it found Peter Piper, pioneer scout, of Piper's Crossroads, seated there upon the running board of Scoutmaster Ned's car, waiting for one more glimpse of those heroes....
  • wake I should like him to wake up naturally.
  • waken And another said, "I have put a sleeping-pin in the pillow that will be under each, and they will not waken ."
  • waxed Jeshurun waxed fat and kicked; if it had not been for the wax and the fat, he would not have kicked.
  • weak
  • weaken
  • weakened
  • weaned
  • wearied
  • wedged
  • weed
  • weekend
  • whacked
  • wicked
  • wrecked
  • Caked As I flipped through the waterlogged pages, I came across a smudgy imprint, caked with a thin layer of dried river clay, that was almost too dim to be noticed.
  • Eked With the caribou gone, they had their limited supply of fish, and the rabbits, eked out by the flour, which would not carry them far, for the half-breeds, in spite of his warnings, had already consumed half of it.
  • Leaked He must have leaked quarts and quarts, all over himself and me.
  • Raked He was looking up now full of interest, and one hand went up to his head, and its fingers raked among the roots of his hair.
  • Waded "The question is," said the convict, after a pause, during which they had waded back to the bank, "whether you are going to help me or not?
  • Wagged He stopped, and M. Fuselier wagged a mocking finger at him.
  • Waged One of the worst stockmen-settler wars ever waged had been fought in Wyoming against an invasion of homesteaders, a war that became so bloody the government had to take a hand, calling out the National Guards to settle it.
  • Waked I went to sleep that night waiting for grandpa to be through with his book, and when I waked up he had read my letter.
  • Walked
  • Waned
  • Waved
  • Weaved For a time there was a silence broken only by the crackling of the flames, and in that silence Carvel's fingers weaved in and out of the silken strands of the Willow's hair.
  • Weighed
  • Whelked
  • Winked
  • Worked
  • Wreaked
  • faked I've often wondered whether they faked those wonderful affairs, but after, what I've seen this day I'm going to believe they're as close to the original as can be.
  • wakes Then a pointed stone is placed in the girl's way, she steps on it, it wakes her up, and the crude practical joke is finished.
  • weaker
  • wracked
  • weakest
  • tweaked But Ann just laughed, and did not care, And tweaked her cousin by the hair.
  • Waled
  • adrenalizing
  • bifoliar
  • pore-pairs

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