What is the correct spelling for WEAPOM?

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Correct spellings for WEAPOM

  • poem But then one needn't read it-" "You don't encourage me to write a poem ," said Ralph.
  • pom Doggie being comfortably off, continued the maternal tradition and kept on bringing himself up like a toy Pom .
  • spam
  • vapor A fog was simply watery vapor rising from the marshy surface of the land or from the sea, or condensed into a cloud from the saturated atmosphere.
  • venom What venom the man distilled!
  • wampum They are very proud, and take great delight in wearing trinkets, such as silver plates round their wrists and necks, with several strings of wampum , which is made of cotton, interwoven with pebbles, cockleshells, etc.
  • warm The two were now warm friends.
  • warp The Builder is a combination type, and the change from warp to filling, or vice versa, can be easily and quickly made.
  • weapon Oh, if I only had some weapon !
  • weep Amalia Manovska,-I can't see you weep .
  • weeper Often, as in verse after verse of The Weeper , it has an unearthly delicacy and witchery which only Blake, in a few snatches, has ever equalled; while at other times the poet seems to invent, in the most casual and unthinking fashion, new metrical effects and new jewelries of diction which the greatest lyric poets since-Coleridge, Shelley, Lord Tennyson, Mr. Swinburne-have rather deliberately imitated than spontaneously recovered.
  • weepy Take your time-take your time; and if you get weepy , come in and use my shoulder.
  • wham The banes o' my wife an' bairn, wham I couldna find in my heart to bury, hae kept my gowd lang safe frae the ee o' my dochter; but they may noo lead Sleuthie to my coffers.
  • whoop She lay still, even when footsteps clattering down the ladder were obliterated by the spluttering whoop of the whistle.
  • wimp What I intended to say was that I have taken the liberty of christening a perfectly good he-pointer pup Jet Wimp .
  • womb Ere a man's body has grown cold on earth he has stirred again in the womb of his mother.
  • worm The wild dove has its nest, and the worm a clod of earth, Each man a country, but the Pole a grave!
  • wpm
  • Pam Tommy's Pam has it!
  • Wept It was her father's violin, the one she had wept at leaving behind her.
  • Whilom To a man of thirty-five, a graduate of ancient and honourable universities and a whilom candidate for holy orders, it is a life that would seem to have no attraction whatever.
  • Whom For as the Father raiseth the dead and quickeneth them, even so the Son also quickeneth whom He will.
  • weeps Indeed, I pity you; my soul weeps on your account.
  • PPM
  • PYM Pym, who loved him best, who trusted him longest, is he who demands the signature.
  • WOPS But we went over to this Blackhanders' construction camp, just the same, to make sure, and none of the men was missing, the boss said, and no children had been seen; and anyway his men was ordinary decent wops and not Blackhanders-and blamed if about fifty of 'em didn't turn out to help look!
  • Viacom
  • weepie
  • adulthoods
  • god-king

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