What is the correct spelling for WEARA?

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Correct spellings for WEARA

  • ara The king is called upon to maintain the word nobly given to avenge Novara, and with it the new Austrian insulting proposal.
  • era Centuries ago the following truth was written: "Whom the gods would destroy they first make angry," and in the same era there was also given us another truth: "A soft answer turneth away wrath."
  • hera He came here upon a ship that was made by the command of Hera, the wife of Zeus, a ship more wonderful than mortals ever sailed in before.
  • mara The men and boys, except on Sunday, when they appear in English dresses, generally wear only the mara, or waist-cloth, which, passing over the hips, and between the legs, is knotted behind; the climate is in fact too hot for cumbersome clothing.
  • para He has a smiling face, with his head reclined always on one side from his habit of incessant importunities; of course, he has not a para in his pocket.
  • rear Howard, two hundred yards in the rear.
  • tara St. Finnen claimed the copy as being the produce of his original, and on the appeal to the court at Tara his claim was confirmed.
  • vary 16,468. Then that price would vary according to the state of the market?
  • very I had nothing to get, or very little.
  • war And since the war-I am abruti."
  • ward We had then a midshipman's paying-off dinner on shore, to which some of the ward-room officers were invited.
  • ware To ask rhetoric from the true philosopher is as if one should require a medicine to be served in the finest Attic ware.
  • warm He went immediately out into the warm summer air, followed by the others.
  • warn 3026. Did it warn you that you were to leave your ground?
  • warp This, for reasons well shown by Mr. Spencer in the articles under consideration, is so untenable that it seems only possible to account for its having been advanced at all by supposing Mr. Darwin's judgment to have been perverted by some one or more of the many causes that might tend to warp them.
  • wart I forgot to tell you the other day that her fust 'usband, Charlie Pearce, 'ad a kind of a wart on 'is left ear.
  • wary They are shy and wary, and common along the shores on the sands which are exposed at low water.
  • weak Not a single weak line.
  • weal Zu Pfeiffer walked on unconcernedly, leaving a grey weal on the terrified native's face.
  • wean She opened to a passage, the tender sorrow of which was applicable to her own situation, and her tears flowed wean.
  • wear Hope you will wear it.
  • wearer The black beard and moustache were pulled off in a second by their wearer, revealing a face of severely classic beauty.
  • weary But the long, weary journey North was one he had full recollection of.
  • weir R58277. Julian Alden Weir.
  • where 5836. Where was that?
  • wherry It looks like a boat, but it isn't; it's a wherry."
  • wire I shall wire you.
  • wiry A quick, wiry horse, that may be driven in a trap or gig, is the style-one that will rattle along and catch the train.
  • Wore But as time wore on and they still kept afloat, they began to have hopes that they would at least stay on the surface till the engine could be started once more.
  • Were Now I know who you were, what you are to me-everything.
  • Cara Commandant, will you give Miss Cara your arm, while I run ahead."
  • Kara Black they stand against the eastern sky, from the jagged summits at the south to where the northernmost peak,-the Inyan Kara,-the Heengha-Kaaga of the Sioux, stands sentinel over the sisterhood slumbering at her feet.
  • Lara The Count of Lara Has shown himself a brave man, and Victorian A generous one, as ever.
  • Vera I'll take the Goshawk to Vera Cruz, or I'll run her under water."
  • Zara I trust, Zara, you are now sufficiently punished for your disobedience.
  • Sara First of all for a word of warning: don't fall in love with Sara.
  • Wars If women could help govern the world there would be no wars.
  • wears He wears the latest ties, the latest shoes, and appears in the height of fashion.
  • wearier But Kitty looked paler and wearier than when the doctor was with her.
  • we're We're there, Mr. Blaine!
  • accultured
  • actuations
  • dis-guise