What is the correct spelling for WEATH?

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Correct spellings for WEATH

  • bath I came in this morning after the bath and found you had gone out.
  • beth She was hardly out of the room before Beth rushed to an open trunk.
  • dearth In this dearth of books at his own home, and until he was able to influence his father in buying more extensively, Pope had benefited by the loans of his friends; amongst whom it is probable that Sir William, as one of the best scholars of the whole, might assist him most.
  • death I see that you have tired yourself to death for nothing at all."
  • earth Why on earth doesn't this man come?
  • hearth Within the house Regina sat alone, as Marcello had found her, her chin resting on the back of her closed hand, her elbow on her knee, her eyes gazing at the bright little fire that blazed on the polished hearth .
  • heath She paused-reflected a little-and led the way off the high road, on the right, to the fine clump of fir-trees which commands the famous view in that part of the Heath .
  • lath But before I went from the office newes is brought by word of mouth that letters are now just now brought from the fleete of our taking a great many more of the Dutch fleete, in which I did never more plainly see my command of my temper in my not admitting myself to receive any kind of joy from it till I had heard the certainty of it, and therefore went by water directly to the Duke of Albemarle, where I find a letter of the Lath from Solebay, from my Lord Sandwich, of the fleete's meeting with about eighteen more of the Dutch fleete, and his taking of most of them; and the messenger says, they had taken three after the letter was wrote and sealed; which being twenty-one, and the fourteen took the other day, is forty-five sail; some of which are good, and others rich ships, which is so great a cause of joy in us all that my Lord and everybody is highly joyed thereat.
  • math Along with required academic classes (Math, English, Science, and History), Bronx Theatre High School offers theatre arts classes such as acting, costume design, set design, and theatre business.
  • oath I promise you, and I must have your oath in return.
  • path He whom all these people were coming out to see had gone with the lame man across a field-path to a little wood, which lay not far from the road.
  • seth Seth W. Ford as Pastor, who was commencing his second year on the charge.
  • sheath So saying, and to Beauvouloir's great satisfaction, the count replaced the dagger in its sheath .
  • swath However, the Valparaíso earthquake of 1906 caused nearly 4,000 deaths, a tsunami, and a wide swath of destruction over the Chilean capital and surrounding areas.
  • wash No punishment, not even blood, will be able to wash out the disgrace you have suffered through me.
  • watch He looked at his watch ; not yet eleven o'clock.
  • watt The people of Greenock may well indeed feel proud of being citizens of a town that produced such a man; for though many places have given birth to great and valuable men, and persons who rendered the world vast and lasting service, yet, I may safely say, no one has surpassed James Watt in the benefits he has bestowed on the world, on its trade, its commerce, and its means of communication for both body and mind, as the producer of the steam-engine.
  • weak Besides, I felt a little weak .
  • weal From the splotches on them after he brushed back his ruffled hair he also had a suspicion that his head was cut, and the tingling where the scraper had struck him suggested a very visible weal .
  • wealth While his father was alive, other poor folk would often pay him visits, and the conversation would turn on rich people and how they had gained their wealth .
  • wealthy Here the capital of wealthy , flourishing Brabant certainly looked very unlike what she had expected from Gombert's stories; and how little share she had had hitherto in the splendour which on the drive to Landshut she had expected to find in Brussels!
  • wean Always neglecting his chores-given to books and to reading, Which, as all people allow, turn the young person to mischief, Harden his heart against toil, wean his affections from tillage.
  • wear "Still, I wish you wouldn't wear it," he urged, a little boyishly.
  • weather The weather was lovely, and the opportunity being the first of the kind offered to them, Owen and Cytherea went with the rest.
  • weigh Weigh this, ye pupils of Voltaire!
  • wet You must be very wet .
  • wheat Breadcarts sold penny wheat loaves.
  • width The length of the web is fifteen feet, and the width of the cloth fifteen inches.
  • withe
  • worth
  • worthy
  • wraith
  • wrath
  • wreath
  • wreathe No wonder the experienced manager stared at the boy who wore the faded suit of khaki, and even allowed a faint smile to wreathe his lips; for did he not have a beloved lad like that at home, and in his heart he felt that perhaps some day, in a time of desperate necessity, his son might likewise rise to an occasion as this young chap was doing.
  • wyeth
  • Hath But what hath a' left for me, ma'am?
  • What What was that, I wonder!
  • With What is it to do with him?"
  • neath Are we, then, wholly fallen? Can it be That thou, North wind, that from thy mountains bringest Their spirit to our plains, and thou, blue sea, Who on our rocks thy wreaths of freedom flingest, As on an altar,-can it be that ye Have wasted inspiration on dead ears, Dulled with the too familiar clank of chains? The people's heart is like a harp for years Hung where some petrifying torrent rains Its slow-incrusting spray: the stiffened chords 10 Faint and more faint make answer to the tears That drip upon them: idle are all words: Only a golden plectrum wakes the tone Deep buried 'neath that ever-thickening stone.

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