What is the correct spelling for WEDID?

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Correct spellings for WEDID

  • edit 1569. 538. Of, edit .
  • fetid The bands of Indians broke up and entirely ceased to offer resistance to bodies of armed whites; but as individuals they continued as dangerous to the settlers as ever, prowling out at night like wild beasts from their fastnesses in the dark and fetid swamps, murdering, burning, and ravaging in all the outlying settlements, and destroying every lonely farm-house or homestead.
  • wadi He speculated upon the mystery of Harry Feversham's disappearance at times as he sat in the evening upon his verandah above the Nile at Wadi Halfa, piecing together the few hints which he had gathered.
  • wed Dying, he was still a Mexican, and might wed in any station he chose.
  • wedded In the language of our own day, we should call him "wedded to his art."
  • wedged And that was nothing to the way in which the owners of all these several habiliments were wedged inside.
  • weed The girl lowered her head and half raised her hoe to strike at a weed near a stalk of cotton.
  • weeded He comes, and his heralds run before him, and touch the leaves of oaks and planes and beeches lucid green, and the pine-stems redder gold; leaving brightest footprints upon thickly-weeded banks, where the foxglove's last upper-bells incline, and bramble-shoots wander amid moist rich herbage.
  • weird I'm feeling weird , but maybe I should call out to the institute and see what Van de Vliet says.
  • weld It required the mixture of Prussian sand and Prussian iron to weld us into a nation, to raise us to an empire.
  • wend "Either London or the dear old place will be an awakening," said Vaura, as they wend their way to the salons.
  • wooded All that remained were the great hills at the back and the wooded banks of the lake at their feet.
  • Ceded The latter were defeated, and the fortress immediately surrendered; but, in the early part of the fourteenth century, it appears to have been of greater strength: it had been ceded by King John of France to the Count of Evreux, and it resisted all the efforts of its former lord during a siege of six weeks, at the end of which time his generals were obliged to retire, with the loss of their military engines and artillery.
  • Did 820. What did you ask for, then?
  • Waded However I went on about three miles, when I came to a good big creek, which I waded.
  • Warded 360. How can danger in such a case be warded off?
  • Welded And lastly it represents a belief, which has attained almost the sanctity of religion in the heart of Kolidom, that between themselves and the King's representative in Bombay there exists a bond of good-feeling and respect which dating as it does from 1675 has been welded firm by time and shall never be broken.
  • Wended They wended their slow way back with the oxen when the evening fell; but the yoke was off their own necks.
  • Worded They constitute invitation cards and should be so worded as to excite curiosity and create a feeling in the intending purchaser's mind that he will make no mistake in stopping to fill his wants at the stand.
  • Wendi
  • weds Here, however, Fetherfool has already arrived and, finding the Giantess asleep, robs her of a pearl necklace; but he is alarmed by Shift, who takes her off and promptly weds her, whilst Hunt does the same by the Dwarf.
  • wadded And he opened, as he spoke, his own old twenty-five tin of purely popular cigarettes; there were a few in it still, but between the cigarettes were jammed lumps of sugar wadded with cotton-wool.
  • redid
  • we'd Take a little longer, maybe, but when we got there we'd be there."
  • dis-embowels
  • chondrioma
  • chondriome
  • chondriomere
  • Plastomere

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