What is the correct spelling for WEDLING?

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Correct spellings for WEDLING

  • dealing 5210. You have had no experience of that system of dealing?
  • dwelling It stood on one side of the road, Mr. Shepperd's dwelling-house was on the other.
  • idling The marked change in Louie could not be ignored, for he was not idling away his time in lazy feeding and sleeping.
  • meddling Am I a meddling priest?
  • peddling He was the meanest master they had ever known; yet they could not say that he paid less wages, or that they were ill-fed-it was this meddling, peddling interference they resented.
  • seedling Free and noble was his heart, his spirit strong and true, Till around it serpent-like a poisoned seedling grew.
  • telling I've made a point of telling you everything.
  • veiling Once more the mask of indifference had fallen over him, veiling the keen, incisive interest he had shown during the interview.
  • wadding The egg- pocket disappears, drowned in this exquisite wadding.
  • wading Then the dark forms of three warriors came full into view as, half swimming, half wading, they passed an exposed point.
  • wailing The orchestra died away in a sort of wailing confusion, which ceased on the watery sound of a horn.
  • weakling Because a person is thought a weakling who lies up for a "mere cold," one is inclined to wish that colds were as prostrating as typhoid, in which case there would be some hope of their extermination.
  • wedding He meant, too, if he only had the courage, to try to make the Okee prevent the wedding.
  • welding It was an excellent plan, doubtless, for securing conquered provinces, but it was absolutely deficient in any scheme for welding the several provinces and their people into one harmonious whole.
  • wetting We shall get a nice wetting if it does, for we haven't an umbrella amongst us!
  • wheedling "You have always let me help in your charities, auntie," he said in a wheedling tone; then, tossing back his head suddenly, "But this is different, of course; only just think, Aunt Felicie, how the poor child's hands are tied!"
  • wheeling The crows, after a short practice in rising, falling, and wheeling to command, settled in the pines on both sides of the field, where they had been before.
  • willing That is, if you're willing."
  • Waddling The controversy did not seem to trouble Mrs. T-S, who was waddling about, perfectly happy in the kitchen-doing the things she would have done all the time, if her husband's social position had not required her to keep a dozen servants.
  • Waling
  • Walling
  • Wattling Mr. Wattling was startled: never before had he imagined that Cora Madison had given him a thought; but there was not only thought, there was feeling, in this speech.
  • Wedging Joe pushed through the wedging mass of people around, and went to the bar to meet her.
  • Weeding
  • Welling She was crying gently, silently, in a ceaseless welling up of tears that did not fall in drops, but seemed to overflow in a clear sheet from under her eyelids-seemed to flow at once all over her face, her cheeks, and over her chin that glistened with moisture in the light.
  • Welting Welting-cord: A cord sewed into the welt or border of a garment.
  • Whaling Accordingly the most was made of the opportunities afforded by war for crushing the whaling industry.
  • Whiling Lise, in her evening finery, looking occasionally at the clock, was awaiting the hour set for a rendezvous, whiling away the time with the Boston evening sheet whose glaring red headlines stretched across the page.
  • Wielding Or, if he was anywhere in the universe of living spirits, was he conscious of the power which he was wielding?
  • needling On and on went the five, needling, pressing at every weak spot, trying to break him down.
  • pedaling The action of the foot must become subconscious or automatic like the pedaling of a bicycle so that simply to will a change of speed is to accomplish it.
  • wiling
  • Cartilage-like
  • pseudocartilage

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