What is the correct spelling for WEILD?

If you've mistakenly written "weild" instead of "wield", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions to rectify the spelling error. The correct word is "wield", which means to handle or control effectively. So simply replace "weild" with "wield" to ensure proper usage and convey your message clearly.

Correct spellings for WEILD

  • veiled The veiled woman entered the room, her face hidden behind a thick veil of black chiffon.
  • veld The veld is a large, open grassland in southern Africa.
  • Wailed She wailed when she found out her car had been stolen.
  • Wald I went hiking in the Wald and saw some beautiful wildlife.
  • weill
  • weird He had a weird fascination for horror movies.
  • weld John had to weld the broken metal chair back together.
  • Welled My eyes welled with tears when I saw the touching scene in the movie.
  • welt
  • Whiled She whiled away the hours with crossword puzzles.
  • wield The sword was heavy, but he was able to wield it with ease.
  • wild The wild winds of Hurricane Irma caused extensive damage to Florida's coastline.
  • Wilda I love Wilda so much!
  • wilde Oscar Wilde once said, "Life is a wild ride.
  • wilt If you wilt under the pressure, you may need to adjust your strategy.
  • wold The wold is a vast and open area ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and camping.
  • world The world is vast and full of diverse cultures and traditions.
  • would If you want to see the movie, you would have to come to our house.