What is the correct spelling for WEILDED?

The correct term for the misspelling "weilded" is "wielded". This verb is commonly used to describe the act of holding and using a weapon or tool. By simply replacing the "i" with an "ie", the correct spelling is achieved, conveying the intended meaning accurately.

Correct spellings for WEILDED

  • gelded I was gelded at the ripe old age of four.
  • gilded The room was decorated with gold gilded frames.
  • Melded The students melded with their team-mates to create a cohesive unit.
  • veiled I saw her veiled face in the dark alley.
  • Wailed The mother wailed as the ambulance sped away.
  • wedded They wedded in a small church in the countryside.
  • weeded Last weekend I weeded the garden, removing all the unwanted plants.
  • Welded Trina attached the railing to the welded post.
  • welder The welder was able to join the two pieces of metal with expertise.
  • Welled The welled up tears spilled down her face.
  • Welted The belt is welted with a series of white stitches.
  • Wended A Wended Trail is a great way to find peace and serenity.
  • Whiled Whiled the night away, we talked and laughed until the early hours.
  • Wielded The knight wielded a mighty sword in battle against the dragon.
  • wilde Melissa wants to see wilde again.
  • wilder The wilder the adventure, the greater the satisfaction when it is finally completed.
  • Willed He willed himself to get up from bed even though he was feeling very weak.
  • wilted After being left in a hot car for too long, the flower wilted.
  • winded I was really winded by the climb.