What is the correct spelling for WEILDING?

If you've mistyped "weilding", fear not! The correct spelling is "wielding". Just remember to swap the "e" with an "i". So, next time you're talking about handling weapons or exercising power, make sure to use the correct spelling - wielding. Keep practicing and soon it'll come naturally!

Correct spellings for WEILDING

  • gelding Frank purchased a gelding to ride on his ranch.
  • gilding The process of gilding involves covering an object with a thin layer of gold.
  • Melding The process of melding is what creates the new species.
  • veiling The bride looked stunning in her white dress, adorned with veiling and delicate lace.
  • wailing The wailing of the babies sent chills down my spine.
  • wedding The bride and groom exchanged vows during their wedding ceremony.
  • Weeding I spent all morning weeding the garden and my back is killing me.
  • welding He made his living as a welding inspector.
  • Welling What a Welling!
  • Welting I need to buy some welting to finish the edge of my homemade cushion.
  • Wending Wending through the forest, the hikers enjoyed the peacefulness of nature around them.
  • Whiling I was whiling away the time waiting for my appointment by reading a book.
  • Wielding The knight was wielding his sword with a great amount of skill and precision.
  • wiling He was always wiling to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.
  • willing I was willing to try anything to win that game.
  • wilting The flower was wilting in the hot sun.
  • winding The winding path allowed the sun to warm her feet.