What is the correct spelling for WELDE?

If you've misspelled "welde", worry not! Here are some potential correct alternatives: "weld", "wed" or "weald". These words share similar sounds and could have caused the confusion. Always double-check your spelling and remember, mistakes happen to everyone!

Correct spellings for WELDE

  • veld The veld in South Africa is covered in tall grass and is home to many different species of wildlife.
  • Wald I went for a walk in the Wald and enjoyed the peaceful sounds of nature.
  • Waldo
  • weld
  • Welded The seam was finely welded together to ensure a strong bond.
  • welder The welder carefully joined two pieces of metal together to create a seamless bond.
  • welds He welds the metal pieces together to create a sturdy structure.
  • Welled Tears welled up in her eyes as she watched the heartbreaking scene unfold.
  • welt His new boots gave him blisters that left a painful welt on his heels.
  • welter The car veered off the road and landed in a welter of mud and debris.
  • wield She learned to wield a sword at a very young age, and was feared by many as a formidable opponent in battle.
  • Wielder During their training, the wielder of the sword must be able to defend themselves with quick reflexes.
  • wild The woods are wild and full of surprises.
  • Wilda
  • wilde Oscar Wilde was a prominent Irish playwright and novelist who lived during the late 19th century.
  • wilder The forest grew wilder as we continued our hike.
  • wold The wild wold was covered in a blanket of snow.