What is the correct spelling for WELFAR?

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Correct spellings for WELFAR

  • elf At that time, at eighteen, drawing near the confines of illusive, void dreams, Elf -land lies behind us, the shores of Reality rise in front. First I wished for health 'cause I be thinkin' 'bout myself I be drinkin' by myself, livin' shrinkin' like an elf – Da Da Da Da by Tha Liks
  • pelf They were a perpetual source of annoyance to dissenters who would not barter their faith for place and pelf , by subjecting them to prosecutions for refusing to qualify themselves for offices to which they had been maliciously elected, to be followed by ruinous fines or long imprisonments.
  • self Why, the idea of self -sacrifice was utterly unknown to them! Alone and pointless by her mouldering self She stares at the tin of sardines on the shelf – Point It at Gran by Robyn Hitchcock
  • vela Hinojosa was likewise informed that Vela Nunnez had the charge of a bastard son of Gonzalo Pizarro of twelve years old, who was found by the viceroy at Quito, and was now sent away to Panama, in the hope that the merchants of Panama might ransom him at a high price to acquire the good will of Gonzalo.
  • velar labialized voiceless alveolar affricate  [tsʷ] (in Adyghe, Archi, Lezgian, Tsakhur) labialized voiced alveolar affricate  [dzʷ] (in Adyghe, Dahalo) labialized voiceless palato-alveolar affricate  [tʃʷ] (in Archi, Abaza, Adyghe, Paha, Aghul, German) labialized voiced palato-alveolar affricate  [dʒʷ] (in Abaza, Aghul, Tsakhur, German) labialized voiceless alveolo-palatal affricate [tɕʷ] (in Abkhaz, Akan, Ubykh) labialized voiced alveolo-palatal affricate [dʑʷ] (in Abkhaz, Akan, Ubykh) Non-sibilant affricates labialized voiceless velar affricate  [kxʷ] (in Navajo) labialized voiceless uvular affricate  [qχʷ] (in Kabardian, Lillooet) Lateral affricates labialized voiceless velar lateral affricate  [k͡ʟ̝̊ʷ] (in Archi)
  • vlf
  • wafer
  • weal In no wise our own self, our own weal .
  • weld The yellow colour called Dutch Pink, is made from a decoction of weld or dyer's weed; and if blue cloths be dipped in this liquid, they will take the colour of a fine green.
  • welder
  • welfare
  • well
  • welt
  • welter He kept his eyes closed, but opened his mind wide and let the welter of thought-impressions roll in unhindered.
  • wolf
  • wolfe
  • wolff Besides, Wolff was his son!
  • woolf
  • We'll
  • Wilford
  • Elva The Butterfly Lovers: Leon and Jo (蝴蝶夢-梁山伯與祝英台) is an animated film directed by Tsai Min-chin, voice-played by Elva Hsiao, Rene Liu and Jacky Wu.
  • Willa
  • Weller

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