What is the correct spelling for WERVICE?

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Correct spellings for WERVICE

  • device He moved his left hand, and she saw dully gleaming upon his finger, a great green stone, bearing a strange device .
  • devise If man is free to work upon this changing environment, he must be free to make new tools and devise new processes.
  • fierce After what seemed like a long, long time they heard Hooty's fierce hunting call, but it came from way back of them on the edge of the Old Pasture.
  • novice "I will rescue you or die," whispered Luis, yet loud enough to reach her ears; and while she watched him, as he disappeared over the brow of the cliff, a young novice entered the tower.
  • revise If he wrote part of a symphony over-night he could try it in the morning, prune, revise , accept, reject.
  • reviser 79 and 80. Reckless of the current usage of grammarians, and even of self-consistency, both author and reviser will have no objective case of nouns, because this is like the nominative; yet, finding an objective set after "the adjective like," they will recognize it as "a dative still existing in English!"
  • service Remember that it's all for the good of the service ," said Nettleship.
  • venice All at once he burst forth, and begged my pardon for the liberty he had taken in calling on me, but that he was starting for Venice tomorrow morning, and wished to take leave of me.
  • verve And in every scene-what freedom, action, verve !
  • vice Yet as both classes of vice exist with reference to every object, it will be best to consider both.
  • vise But the corpse clung, and its weight dragged him back; to his distorted fancy the arms held his neck as in a vise .
  • vivace I told her it wasn't necessary, but Potter wanted me to bet my sweet life that it was just the one Proposition on earth for him, so he and Vivace and I sat in the fountain court while Mrs. Ess Kay and Sally went upstairs.
  • voice He knew the voice .
  • waive She may, however, waive the right, in which case the bundle returns to the former owner.
  • weave 61. They weave the best rugs in Philadelphia.
  • weaver And, when Sandy Weaver had mentioned certain tracks to him, he had stared over his shoulder and turned white!
  • weaving But, whilst he was weaving in the cellar where his grandfather and uncle also worked, he was at the same time gaining knowledge day by day.
  • weevil And to the gods the rice weevil is, just like the farmers and manufacturers of agricultural chemicals, merely another form of life.
  • wince But was the victim determined not to wince ?
  • Wharves There were there gangs of these rough lads who hung about the wharves, ready for riot or plunder as occasion offered.
  • Vince Three days ago-' 'Mr Vince !
  • waives She admits the right to ovation, and to him who waives it she lightly regards.
  • weavers 318; of weavers , 317; Ordinances of, 274; suppression of, iv.
  • wearies But you are looking serious, and I have watched that cloud of smoke till it wearies me."
  • swerves They heard the thudding of a mount that runs and swerves and runs again.
  • weaves But if she weaves enchantment, master?
  • vices Finally, what has been the effect of our economic changes upon the purely personal vices which gave us so much trouble and unhappiness in the old days?
  • wavier
  • we've Just to think we've known each other so long, and you've never been in my house before!

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