What is the correct spelling for WESDAY?

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Correct spellings for WESDAY

  • cedar The trunk of a cedar tree intervened, and he did not fall.
  • seedy I've been seedy, and have not written a single letter for ten days.
  • stay Well, go away, if you do not wish to stay!
  • tuesday I can't go till Tuesday, Edna told her, for Aunt Elizabeth hasn't time to take me, and I do so want Maggie to have her doll.
  • veda Most Brahmans of the Central Provinces are either Rigvedis or Yajurvedis, and these commonly marry only followers of their own Veda, thus forming a sort of cross set of endogamous divisions.
  • vest And to these thoughts he flung off, with a kind of passion, his coat and vest.
  • vesta And we're almost to Vesta now."
  • wed At this the king was troubled, for clearly Maiden Matanuska could not wed them all, and how to choose among them he knew not.
  • weed The path Lenore trod so lightly led along a great peach and apple orchard where the trees were set far apart and the soil was cultivated, so that not a weed nor a blade of grass showed.
  • weeds They are weeds in the mind that choke up the beautiful flowers of thought.
  • weedy The party came to a halt before a one-story stone dwelling, with a long piazza in front of it, close to the weedy sidewalk of a crooked and straggling street.
  • weekday It was a weekday matinee and the place was almost empty.
  • weld Wotan now proceeds to ask him which race, beloved by Wotan, is yet visited by his wrath, which sword is the most invincible of weapons, and who will weld its broken pieces together.
  • wend Now farewell, Manhood, I must wend.
  • wesley It specially affected Samuel Johnson and John Wesley, and many of those who sympathised more or less with Wesley's movement.
  • west Favonius, the west wind.
  • woodsy Can you imagine a happier environment for a child than that little sunshiny, woodsy beach cottage; can't you see the little figure-the two or three little figures!
  • woody More starch in his grain, more woody-fibre in his straw, less fungoid disease on his mangels....
  • wordy For long enough there had been wordy warfare between them, but to-day Flamby realised that she had aroused something within the man which had never hitherto shown upon the surface; and into his eyes had come a light which since she had passed her thirteenth year she had sometimes seen and hated in the eyes of men, but had never thought to see and fear in the eyes of Fawkes.
  • Wast "Before that Philip called thee when thou wast under the fig-tree, I saw thee," said Jesus.
  • Wist But when Sir Gawain heard of his brethren's death he swooned for sorrow and wrath, for he wist that Sir Lancelot had killed them in malice.
  • USDA
  • Wendy For a week or two after Wendy came it was doubtful whether they would be able to keep her, as she was another mouth to feed.
  • weds The German Senator A Monologue By Aaron Hoffman Author of "The Politicians," "The Belle of Avenue A," "The Newly-weds and their Baby", "Let George Do It," "School Days," Etc.
  • wised Now aren't you sorry you wised me up?
  • Vedas It approaches that of the Vedas; being, in some points, older than the Sanskrit of Menu.
  • we'd "If he had made it, we'd have heard of him.
  • adscription
  • airheadedness
  • be in awe of
  • dis-embowels
  • extraordinarinesses
  • goes on with
  • inter-folding
  • most graduate