What is the correct spelling for WHARN?

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Correct spellings for WHARN

  • barn May I have the pleasure of a barn-dance with you, miss?
  • darn Since that is so, I refused to answer a lot of darn-fool questions-by which I mean that I refuse to answer any more questions that you already know the answers to.
  • earn I can tell from my experience the outside which any ling fisherman can earn.
  • hahn In less than a year Wallie Ascher was working with Hahn.
  • han Benzonana's a Jew, with stores at Kourshounlou Han.
  • horn Slosson clung to the horn of the saddle.
  • tarn But why did her eyes tarn so often and so wistfully up to the tall great-coated form before her?
  • vain As soon as the morning came, I left the hotel without having tried the vain attempt of sleep, and did not return to it till the evening.
  • van I'll tell you a secret, Mr. Van Henslaer.
  • wain After the third of these tangles I halted by the side of the footway behind a wain with barrels on it, and looked about me bewildered.
  • wan Do ye think He'd 'a' done ayther wan or the other if He hadn't thought I could care for 'em all?
  • wane Despite her inward flame of fury, which did not wane, the girl was struck into silence by her grandmother's tone and manner.
  • war You must go to war!
  • ward Just what her thoughts were she alone knew, but her eyes were moist as she presently turned and walked softly into the large ward outside.
  • ware "Cynthy Ware, the minister's daughter," he said.
  • warm "'They're all warm in the church,' Mis' Toplady says; 'we're goin' to leave 'em there.
  • warn "We are sent by our father, the Lion of the Igazipuza, to warn you to return.
  • warner She was Ivy Warner, the operator who would talk to her "boys" over the telephone if she wanted.
  • warp I never let friendship interfere with business or warp my business judgment."
  • wart When I reached the centre of disturbance I found that F. had emptied his revolver three times-eighteen shots-into the head and forequarters of that wart-hog without much effect.
  • wary And all this as I ran, swift and wary and utter anxious.
  • wayne Herndon, Virginia: privately published, 1964. Rasmussen, Wayne D. and Gladys L. Baker.
  • wean He had declared that he was willing to sacrifice himself,-meaning thereby that if a lengthened visit to the cities of China, or a prolonged sojourn in the Western States of America would wean her from her love, he would go to China or to the Western States.
  • wear "Children, wear anything on earth you like, but in Heaven's name let me go away now!
  • wen It is very ungust of you to go and Mary other peeple wen you Promised me.
  • wham
  • wharf A score or more of rough-looking characters had just landed from four ship's boats that lay moored at the small wharf.
  • wharton The political pamphlets were bitter and scurrilous attacks by each party against the other, or the hare-brained prophecies of so-called astrologers, such as William Lilly, George Wharton, and John Gadbury.
  • when And when will you come back?
  • whine And he would come to her and whine about it, and say: "My Gyp, I never meant-how should I know I was hurting?
  • whinny From the far distance she thought she heard the beginning of a whinny in reply.
  • whiny
  • whir Its owner's contemplation was cut short by the far-off whir of the trolley, sounding clearly through the still morning.
  • win
  • won
  • worn
  • yarn This is the yarn."
  • Than
  • Ween
  • What
  • Wuhan
  • Chan "Both man and wife were intelligent," exclaimed the Son of the Chan.
  • Vern
  • Wanna
  • Wars Now, you remember hearing of the great wars of the first centuries of the Atomic Era, in which whole nations were wiped out, leaving only hundreds of survivors out of millions.
  • warns
  • dis-guise